Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Woofy Wednesday

It's bad enough having the Secretary (the human) take a 'day off' of her job as blogging for us. Now she has the nerve to allow this d-o-g onto our blog? That's it, she's fired for sure.

Sherlock's mad kitty look
 Hello friends, the human here. I decided to do a post on our family dog,Moose, who we love very much. The kitties may not be the friendliest with him, but deep inside they love him.
Moose is a two year old Lab and Mastiff mix that was adopted by us last year around August or September. His owners could not keep him and he almost faced the tragedy of being put in the shelters. We are so thankful we rescued him and he is part of our family.
Moosey the Woofy


  1. Aw, we think Moosey looks like a very nice woofie! Thank you for adopting him!

    Oh, and we LOVE his name! :)


    Sammy, MOOSEY, mom Tracey, and dad meowmeowmans

  2. Gasp! A dog! OMC! TW would be fired for sure.

  3. Oh dear. You live with a......woofie??? Oh. Dear.

    Well, he's kinda cute. I guess. As woofies go.

  4. Aww, he's a cutie! And anyone saved from shelters *shudder* deserves a day or two on the bloggy in our opinion! But we appreciate the gratutious kitty picture too!

  5. He's very handsome, and what a great thing you did taking him in!

  6. Hi Moosey! You're not alone in having kitty furblings. I have SEVEN of them! And the worst bit is that I'm pretty much the same size as them...


  7. OMCs Moosey is very handsome and shiny!!
    I bet he could ride all of you on his back.
    Hugs Madi your BFFF

  8. Moosey your woofy looks a very nice dog but we are so relieved he's not ours!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  9. Maybe you could train him to bring you treats and stuff?

  10. Hi ya Moose!! Good to see you here! I'm Cody's doggy brother (Dakota) and I think you should have your own blog like I do! Heck, dogs rate TOO!!

    Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  11. I'm awarding you back another Star sweet ones and there are instructions how to get your stars to appear. This will be 2 you have earned from me. xoxoxox

  12. *Psst! Sherlock! I don't believe your hooman, saying you really deep down love the woofer. After all, how COULD you???

    Purrs (and not slobber)
    Selina ;-)

  13. He looks like a pretty nice dog, I think. Even if he is a dog... purrs

  14. I love woofies and Moosey is very handsome! Thanks for saving him!

  15. meowloz ta ya moose...hay...due ewe noe bullwinkle !!! for bein a dawg N all ya look ....well....good :) !!!

  16. Me thinks every cat shouls has a woofy!

  17. I've always been partial to grumpy kitty expressions =)
    What a lovely Woofie. I'm sure they do love him-deep, deep inside!

  18. Oh Moose is so cute!! Glad he found the wonderful family and home before being sent to shelter.
    You look a bit mad, Sherlock, but we know you love him deep, deep inside :-)

  19. Sherlock, you are going to have to work on that mad kitty look -- I am just not convinced :)

    Also, Moose looks like a pretty cool guy. I bet he really loves you kitties too :) Thank goodness your family saved him from puppy jail!

  20. We didn't realize you had a woofie! He does look very friendly!!

  21. We'd prolly put on our angry faces too, yanno! (Pee Ess, did you try to auction her off on ebay for a better secretary/typist? We didn't work...)


  22. Hey Sherlock, Hey Ash, Hey Traveler, Jet here.

    OMD, you have a woofy? Who knew. On behalf of woofies, thank you for tolerating Moosey. He's a handsome manly man and your Secretary generously saved his life.

    We cannot believe your kindness in posting Puffy's Forever Puffy Badge... Sending Jetty kisses and JJ hugs of appreciation.

  23. Hi Moosey, great to meet you. I am outnumbered by cats who were here before I came too.

    Nubbin wiggles,


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