Thursday, February 28, 2013

Solemn News

Hello friends, this is Kathleen the human. You must forgive me for what may seem as abandonment of this blog, for I know it's been months since I've had a chance to come to the public library and use the computers provided there (as we do not currently have one of our own).
I'm afraid I have some very sad news to share, and I can hardly type as I am crying and the tears just keep coming.
Last summer, we were evicted from our home because our landlord was preparing to sell the home.
We had little notice and by the time  we found a  house, due the circumstances under which we were in, we took what we could find. The bad news was that our landlady had a no indoor  pets policy, which was very unfair and misleading (beforehand we had notified her that we had 3 cats and they were indoor only, she seemed okay with that until it came to sign the lease agreement. Additionally, our next door neighbor who has the same landlady has 3 indoor cats who she has been allowed to keep. That is so unfair and I am infuriated and so angry beyond words at this injustice.)
So we were in a situation. We've had Sherlock and Traveler and Ash since babies and finding a new home for them is unthinkable. They are my babies and I love them more than anything.

But our landlady is persistent and demanding, so we faced separating from our babies or moving out.
I can't stop crying at this point. I miss them so much.
She is allowing us to keep one, who is Ash. We had to drive to the  local Shelter and they were then transferred to a no-kill where they will be safe. I miss them so much.
I will never get to hug or kiss my babies again, let them curl up in my lap or feed them treats. I know they are safe, but it is hard. I miss them so much.

Now we have Ash, and I am thankful she did not have to go to the shelter too, or I would feel completely broken. I feel like I'm dying inside and can't stop crying. I haven't had the time to change "Sherlock and Traveler's" story tabs yet, and really I am hesitant to do so because every time I see their cat bed or come across one of their photos I break into tears. This is a very hard time for me right now and I thank you for taking time to read this. Here is a photo of me and Ash, one of the last ones taken, I am smiling in this one because I'm so happy to have kept her, but now I wish I wasn't smiling because I'll never get to take any photos with Sherlock or Traveler again. I miss my babies. Please forgive me for my delay in visiting, I will try to visit all of your blogs soon.