Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Meowl-o-ween

Ash and I hope you all are having a furry fun and safe Halloween full of goodies and treats xx

Monday, October 28, 2013

Happy Howl-o-Ween

It really has been furever. And ever. I seriously miss my blogging buds, and here it is almost Halloween and I've finally gotten off (or should I say on) my butt and done a blog entry. What is wrong with me? I've missed you guys SO much and feel so left out. So I'm back in. And I've just gotta say how much I love you guys.
Life has been purry crazy these days and I've seldom had time for sleep. Ash and I have been chilling out in solitude enjoying these beautiful fall months. I can tell she misses Sherlock and Traveler's company but has finally adjusted to life as the queen bee of the house.

This is an old piccy but I thought I'd upload it
just for the heck of it.
So life has been very busy. *I* hardly have any time to myself, while Ash is soaking up her "me-time" (lucky kitty!) Fall is by far my favourite season of the year, paws down!
This reminds me of the time I dressed up (or should I just say *put in*) Sherlock as a real pumpkin, and deemed him the "pumpkitty!" for the Tabby cat club's Halloween costume contest last year.

Traveler looked ever so adorable as he tried on this
witchy hat for size

 Ash and I have enjoyed watching the leaves turn from bright yellow to deep red and it's really given the air a more of a "fall" feeling. I've got some super exciting news to share! A few months ago (shame on me for taking THIS long to inform you guys in this exciting development in our lives... and no, it's not about moving or anything crazy (although moving does sound delicious right now) my dear friend Paula from Twinkletoe Tails so graciously opened her heart to our family and sent out a box of love (and clothes, kitty treats too!) to us. We were so touched by her generosity and kindness to us! Then, she was so amazing (as always!) as to send us ANOTHER box of clothes and goodies. Are we ever blessed! I just want to take time to say THANK YOU, PAULA AND JACKIE for your love to our family! She is truly the sweetest woman ever and my whole family is blessed by our friendship.

I had promised to do a full-on post on the gifts but my camera is shot so I'm going to upload pictures through my phone as soon as it is back in service. I plan on doing the post this weekend as I have plans to head over to the library and can get it done then. I can't wait! Thank you again, Paula! You have really touched our hearts and words can't expressed what an impact you've had on our family! And don't forget Jackie ;-) A BIG HUG and plenty of purrs your way xxx
I hope everyone has a purry-awesome Howl-o-ween this year! Stay safe :)

Thursday, August 8, 2013

World Cat Day

Today is World Cat day and I feel it appropriate to dedicate this postie to my beautiful loved and missed Sherlock and Traveler. I think the biggest reason that I haven't blogged in so long is because every time I see that picture of Sherlock and Traveler I start to cry (please don't judge me!) like a teen-mom who just gave her baby up for adoption after she names him/her. So I feel like I should do something to celebrate their memory and it just so happens that I came across this site that allows you to make badges (or photo collages, whatever.) So I made this adorable "memory photo" (Ash is in one of them) feel free to add it to your blogs if you feel comfortable in doing so. I've also started my own crazy little blog and it would be fun if you'd come visit my new blog (if you'd like to).

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tricky Tuesday

Is Ash asleep..

Or is she spying?

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Happy (Late) 4th

Hello friends! Ash and I hope you all had a super fun fireworks day! Our library was closed on the 4th and I just had this feeling that I should have done a scheduled postie so it would come on time. Three days later and here I am posting. Oh well who cares? At least I got it done (better late than never!). We had a good time on the 4th. We didn't do any fireworks at home because a) they freak the dog out and b) yes, this sounds boring, but I'm just not that into setting off my own fireworks anymore. We wanted to do something, though so we thought about going to the parade downtown that happens every year. It didn't work out as well as we had thought because I'm prone to sleeping in. So we went a different route and decided to go to this little festival/ carnival in a little town called Bethany about a half hour from us. Addmission was free (bonus!) but the rides were not. They were still fun though! And we felt kind of historic because on the way there we went through part of Route 66 which I think is pretty cool. At night they had these beautiful fireworks and we all sat on the grass and watched them go crazy in the sky. We had an awesome time! I don't have any pictures because we didn't bring our camera (who would've thought we'd forget that very important piece of information?).  Ash and I missed out and the event at the Tabby Cat Club but Gracie sent us the graphic and we thought we'd show off this beautiful flyer. For those of you who did make it we hope you had an awesome time!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day

  We love you Daddy! Happy Father's Day to all you feline, doggy (and human) daddys. We love you! Ash didn't get to meet her Dad  before he crossed the bridge but we know that he lives on in her heart and is looking down on her today.

Dad at Mission San Juan Bautista

Awesome graphic made by Ann of Zoolatry :)

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Easy Like Sunday

Before I begin this post, I'd like to start by saying "Happy belated Mother's Day" to all of you awesome Mom's, adoptive mom's  grand-ma's, cat mom's  and all the moms around the world. Without you, there would be no us.
Now, time for the Easy Sunday postie!

Earier last month, Dad and I went to a Cat show in Oklahoma City, sponsored by the Animal Resource Center.  We had the best time meeting amazing  and absolutely beautiful kitties, a few of which were up for adoption. And to be surrounded by cats...It was a cat person's heaven! I met a lady from on of the local no-kill cat shelters. I even got a T-shirt! (will post pics of that later to come...)

The only downside is that there were so many cats I didn't remember all of their names. (Oops!) And, we forgot to bring our camera (say what?!) but no worries, we have pics from dad's android. Not the most incredible quality, but still. Okay, are you ready?
This one is absolutely gorgeous, and reminds us of one of our pals from the CB. Can you guess who?

Okay, this guy just kept turing his head.Then he licked his lips. Too bad I didn't have some extra Tempies on hand MOL...I finally got his picture (yes!) but forgive me that it's on the blurry side.

     This guy has the funniest expression on his face (and he was the sweetest! So was his mom and daddy)

  The Norwegian Forest babies were one of my favourites....

Look at all the ribbons this kitty won! A good day's rest after all her hard work.

 I met these two sisters towards the end of the show. They are angles!

            I also met this sweetheart Russian blue. He is gorgeous!

This guy is from one of the Shelters that had booths set up there. I got his picture, and he is a cutie pie

We met  a LOT more kitties, but for I'll save the rest for next time's postie.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Cinco De Meow-o

Ash and I are back at last, we have not blogged forever and miss all our pals from the CB so much. It feels good to be back and do a blog post at last (I can't believe we missed Easter).

Everyone, the TCC is having a party for Cinco De Mayo and everyone is invited so please join!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Final Update

Hi friends, Kathleen here again. I have not been able to get on-line access for quite a while now and missed all the TCC events and Easter celebrations because I forgot my password! I hope you all enjoyed your Easter and had a simply wonderful time.
As you all are aware by now, Sherlock and Traveler were adopted. This is no longer news to anyone, and while I am disappointed that I won't have a chance to reunited with my loved cats, I am truly relieved that they have found safe and loving homes because that is the main thing.
I will continue to blog, just Ash and me now :) We are missing the boys, but they will always be in our hearts. Thank you for your constant love and support, we all are thankful that they are safe but you know how hard this can be for us right now. I miss you guys and look forward to visiting your blogs as soon as I can get to our library again. Love you guys! xoxo

Monday, March 11, 2013

Sherlock and Watson

Hi guys! It has been forvever since I've had time to jog to our local library and check my e-mail, most imporatantly update you on the kitties. So I have an update for you at last! I was able to contact the shelter they are at, and was able to talk to a person who claims that they still have Sherlock but they have changed Traveler's name to Watson. Anyway, they are in the no-kill divison of the shelter and they are still up for adoption but have not been listed yet on the web page:
Thank you all so much for your e-mails, posts and all you have done to help us get through this. It really means SO much to us.
I was able to talk with Oui Oui's Mom Paula, on Sunday, and she is such a kind hearted and wonderful person. We had a great chat and it was great to talk to someone who understands what we're going through and she is so willing to help (like all of you guys!). She is contacting the helpline, a free service that will allow her to talk to lawyers who can help us see where we stand legally and if what our landlady is doing is even legal. Since we live in a house and not an apartment, our next door neighbour has her own lease and the terms could be different from ours which is why she could be allowed to have her cats. While I don't know the exact terms of our next door neighbor's lease I do know that, from my understanding, she isn't really supposed to have cats either. In fact, it seems more or less like a bribe to me ( I could be wrong ), because she's known our landlady for a long time, it seems like she's just allowing her to keep her cats anyway. That seems unfair to me.. what do you think? I mean, the landlady knows she has cats and seems okay with it, but when it comes to us that's a different story. Okay, I'm getting a headache talking about all this unfairness but I haven't gotten to the rest yet. I think I will just ask our neighbor if she's allowed to have her cats or not to get a straight and clear idea.
Anyway, while I was talking with Paula yesterday she made a great suggestion. It would be a good idea to bring up to our landlady paying a deposit in order to keep the cats. It's a win-win situation: she will be ensured that the house stayes in good condition and any damages made by the cats while we are living there (which I'm sure would be minor damages) would be payed for.
My dad brought the idea up but our landlady seems very opposed and I'm getting really upset when I think about how unfair our landlady is being.
The up side is that our lease expires in June or July so we're looking around for places that accept cats. I haven't come across anything yet but June is a while from now so you never know what luck we might have. Realistically though, moving will be something that we will have to think about. Our income at the moment and my dad's new job sounds like we may have no choice but to stay living in the house we're renting. There is some hope though. I thought about it, and while our landlady doesn't allow any INSIDE pets in the home, it got me thinking that the cats could become "outside" cats. I thought, and thought and really thought about it all night long yesterday but came to the conclusion that it may not be such a great idea after all. I'm mostly concerned about the level of traffic in this particular area and the numbers of cars that speed by are frequent. Plus, Sherlock and Traveler have always been inside cats and it would take a lot of adjustment for them to get used to.
The last thing I want to point out is that they still haven't been adopted. I feel so sad when I think of my babies locked up in a cage waiting for Mommy to come take them home. We're thinking about paying a visit to the shelter later on and visiting them (I will take pictures for sure!)

Please forgive me for not visiting anyone yet. My computer time is running out and I need to get back home but I will try and visit as may of you as I can the next time I get a chance.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Small Update on Sherlock and Traveler

I want to thank you all so much for the caring words and love and support we have received from the pet blogging community. This has been very heartbreaking for our family and we truly appreciate you all for helping us get through this. Thank you for all of your suggestions, they are very helpful.
Thank you for everything you are doing to help us get through this.

 I have been trying to contact the no-kill shelter they are in to find out if they have been adopted yet or not but no luck.. I will have to keep calling until someone answers (they seem to be very busy). I'm looking for their website because I know that they list the cats up for adoption and that's one way I could see if they have been adopted yet or not.
We talked to a person who worked at the shelter and they said that the cats will be safe, but on terms of us adopting them back we would have to either move to another home that allows cats or have our landlady sign her 'permission' before we'd ever get a chance to adopt them back. Our lease expires in June but we would need to collect the funds to move so keep your fingers crossed! There are not many homes now for rent that allow inside pets but we will have to keep praying for the best, because in the end God works all things out for the best.
Oui Oui, thank you for your suggestion. I will e-mail you defiantly! Thank you Smokey for your Tweets, we appreciate it! Thank you all again for your prayers, I will keep you posted.
PS as you may know, the kitties were featured om PBU'S website in February. I'm preparing a post for that, although I may be shedding some tears..
If you need to e-mail me, my e-mail is catgirlkathleen AT gmail DOT com

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Solemn News

Hello friends, this is Kathleen the human. You must forgive me for what may seem as abandonment of this blog, for I know it's been months since I've had a chance to come to the public library and use the computers provided there (as we do not currently have one of our own).
I'm afraid I have some very sad news to share, and I can hardly type as I am crying and the tears just keep coming.
Last summer, we were evicted from our home because our landlord was preparing to sell the home.
We had little notice and by the time  we found a  house, due the circumstances under which we were in, we took what we could find. The bad news was that our landlady had a no indoor  pets policy, which was very unfair and misleading (beforehand we had notified her that we had 3 cats and they were indoor only, she seemed okay with that until it came to sign the lease agreement. Additionally, our next door neighbor who has the same landlady has 3 indoor cats who she has been allowed to keep. That is so unfair and I am infuriated and so angry beyond words at this injustice.)
So we were in a situation. We've had Sherlock and Traveler and Ash since babies and finding a new home for them is unthinkable. They are my babies and I love them more than anything.

But our landlady is persistent and demanding, so we faced separating from our babies or moving out.
I can't stop crying at this point. I miss them so much.
She is allowing us to keep one, who is Ash. We had to drive to the  local Shelter and they were then transferred to a no-kill where they will be safe. I miss them so much.
I will never get to hug or kiss my babies again, let them curl up in my lap or feed them treats. I know they are safe, but it is hard. I miss them so much.

Now we have Ash, and I am thankful she did not have to go to the shelter too, or I would feel completely broken. I feel like I'm dying inside and can't stop crying. I haven't had the time to change "Sherlock and Traveler's" story tabs yet, and really I am hesitant to do so because every time I see their cat bed or come across one of their photos I break into tears. This is a very hard time for me right now and I thank you for taking time to read this. Here is a photo of me and Ash, one of the last ones taken, I am smiling in this one because I'm so happy to have kept her, but now I wish I wasn't smiling because I'll never get to take any photos with Sherlock or Traveler again. I miss my babies. Please forgive me for my delay in visiting, I will try to visit all of your blogs soon.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Sherlock Ash and Traveler's kitty cousins, Weasle, Mousey and Toast have just started blogging and are looking for some furiends!

Their mama, Patches

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Purrs for Pip and Sally

Please keep sweet Pip and Sally in your purrs and prayers!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Update on Rachel

Hello friends! I have been off the computer during the Christmas week and New Year's but finally had time to blog at last. I want to give you a quick update on Rachel before anything else.
Thank you so much for your care and prayers and purrs for Rachel, I am deeply touched by all the love and support we have been receiving from the pet blogging community and I want you to know how much it means to us. Thank you.
Her burn is healing faster than we had expected and there is a dark purplish scar in place where the first burn on her upper leg was. The most damage has left and although it is still a bit sensitive, is healing quickly. As for her stomach area, there was a very bad burn and she received the most of it there. The good news is that now it's mostly a scar, similar to the one on her leg, and is also healing quickly. She is continuing to take her creme for her burn and in a few weeks she may go back to the wound care to get it checked out again. But it seems that the worst has left and your prayers have really helped with the healing process! I will continue to keep you updated on her progress as much as possible and thank you so much for your concern.
I want to  especially thank Jan for this beautiful graphic she designed for us. It is so nice of her to think of Rachel and we are deeply touched by her love and all the love we are receiving from all of our friends of the pet blogging community.
Before I go I want to spread the word about a pregant cat who is in need of a home very soon! You have probably recieved the e-mail from Ann of Zoolatry but I haven't been on the computer for ages (okay, weeks) so I'm just getting caught up with things. Please if you live near Houston, TX or have any friends who do, please let them know about this princess who needs a home soon.

Here is the e-mail:
Hello all!

Gracie the cat is in desperate need of a foster or forever home near Houston TX. She is pregnant and needs a safe place to deliver her kittens. Pictures are attached!
If you can help or know of someone who can help please call me (Kimberly) at 713-907-0411 or email me at Please forward this email to everyone you know!

"But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was on him, and by his wounds we are healed."

-Isaiah 53:5