Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Amazing Mews!

You won't believe this. And I mean you won't believe this. Until you read this that is.. and realize it's thanks to kind hearted, cat-loving people that made this possible!
As you all know, if you have read my latest blog post, Mommy almost had to give us away! How traumatizing! My kitty whiskers! We love Mommy so much and she loves us so much and the world wouldn't be a world if she didn't have us as cats!
But, you won't believe this.... one of Mommy's friends just so happens to have a friend who has a friend who just may be able to foster us! That means she will keep us until Mommy moves out of the house she's living in and then... she can have us back! This is purrfect news and I am oh,so excited!

I want to give a few purrs and meows out to..
My dear friend, Jennifer who so kindly offered her support and help and was instrumental in helping us find a possible foster home, and to her cat, my dear furr-friend, Nerissa, of Nerissa's Life (the award winning, world famous cat  who has a blog) for all your help and support during this difficult time. You are purr-fectly pawsome!
And I want to thank Eileen for being so kind as to referee us to your friend who just may be fostering us! And I want to thank Eileen's friend for considering (although nothing is official yet) fostering us! You have made our day! Thank you so much! Hugs and kitty purrs
Sincerely, Sherlock, Ash and Traveler

It is  with a heavy, broken heart that I share this news:
As you know, I have been adoptive cat-owner of my 3 loving kitties: Sherlock, Ash and Traveler, and I love them more than anything else.
They are the most loving, sweet and funny cats one could ask for and I'm so blessed to call them mine.
But recently we were forced to move from the house we had been renting for almost 2 years and due to that we were put under a huge amount of stress. We didn't have much time to find a new place and when we finally found a seemingly decent house we were faced with devestating news: our inhumane landlady is forcing us to give up my dear cats!
This is both tragic and nerve-wrecking: my cats are well behaved and loving, they've done nothing to her and she has no right to be so cruel! I change the litterbox daily and the cats are in good condition so what's the problem,here? They're not de-clawed but so what? They aren't damaging her property--they're just being loving cats!
I don't know what to say but since it's a year lease we can't move.
I can't bear to give up my cats and there is NO WAY they are going to the shelter!
I have done my best to ask all my friends, I'm tweeting about it shortly after I set up a page "Home for Sherlock", and doing everything else I can. But I'm asking you to please, please, spread the news and let your friends know. They are loving cats in need of a good home and I will cry when they are adopted out, but there may be another option.
Here's the good news:
I believe the local SPCA has a feline foster care program and if so, my cats could be placed in the program and stay in a good, loving home until circumstances change and we're able to adopt them back and keep them forever.
For the mean time, I'm asking around and if you know anyone in need of a cat, please contact me via twitter, facebook or e-mail: catgirlkathleen@gmail.com


Monday, July 23, 2012

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Just Traveler

Takin' it easy

Sunday, July 8, 2012

What have the Kitties been up to today?

Hey furr-friends, it's Sherlock, senior editor here at my very own feline-friendly blog: Weekly mews.
I came on here to meow out something most of you have been wondering yourself... what have the kitties been up to today?
Well, to be honest... we haven't really been "up to" anything.. at all. Yes, I know cats are known for always getting into mischief, and that is true for cats like Traveler (my pal), but with the days so hot and summer so warm, we just haven't had time for trouble.
Except Traveler, that is! Let me give you a taste of the trouble Traveler has been up to...

 Last night, for example, he jumped right onto mommy's head while she was sleeping and scared her half to death! Not to mention he clawed her,too! But no worries, he doesn't have very sharp claws so it really doesn't hurt. Although coming from most cats it usually does. And he didn't do it for 'meanness' as it may sound, he just did it because he's a cat and besides that fact he's also a very bored one who likes to surprise humans. Most of the time it's good surprises, but this time it was not. And I just stood by and watched (just like all cats would do).
Anyway, besides that, like I mentioned earlier: we have been doing nothing it seems like! And I mean nothing!
I guess because it's so hot out these days we haven't had time for anything fun.
No, don't get me wrong:I'm not saying we don't have time for fun, (because we are fun!) I'm saying that it's so hot out all we really want to do is sit around and relax.
So, that's what we have been doing! And honestly, compared to some of our feline friend's wild lives, it seems like nothing and feels like nothing.
So we decided to sit around and let the summer go by: rather watch the summer go by in the comfort of our feline-fantastic home.
And that's what we've been doing these days. But really it's not all that boring as some cats may think... actually it's rather refreshing!
We get  extra beauty sleep which is what all cats need, we get to sit around and relax and enjoy ourselves... and honestly that's about as great as it can get. I mean, this is coming from a cat. We enjoy ourselves quite often and assume naturally all others do and will. Just look at me! Total relaxation...

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Monthly Meower

                                       THE MONTHLY ~MEOWER
Editorial: Sherlock             published by: WEEKLY MEWS
Sir Sherlock: Editor

                        ********WHAT'S THE MEOW FOR TODAY???***********
For those who have been keeping up with this blog, you all are aware that I, Sherlock, and my pals: Ash and Traveler, are moving!
Well, let me tell ya: we are! In fact, we just did a few days ago. Actually, to be purr-fectly accurate, we still are well into the process of moving. Mommy has been working very hard today: moving all those boxes full of my kitty stuff (cat beds, cat tree, food&water bowls, cat toys ect.)
But she decided to take a break and so now Grandpa and Auntie and Grandma are doing all the work. But don't worry. They're in pretty good shape for their age so it all works out.
Meanwhile, I have been lounging around, taking it easy and blogging.
Frankly, I think I'm getting pretty good at this stuff (if I don't say so myself)
My ego has gotten one big BOOST  and I'm happy to say I feel purr-fectly pawsome!!
You know, there's nothing better than being a cat, laying around in the lap of luxury and being loved. There really isn't. And for most cats, that's exactly what we're doing right now.
But I really came on here to say this:





I hope the scoop on simple ways to end  animal cruelty gave you some helpful and practical insight.
I'm keeping my paws crossed that you'll be working on putting these ideas into action... and FAST! I know I am!


Peeking around the corner
 C A P T I O N: I see you!

furry comrades:




~SHERLOCK (editor)

A Meow from Sherlcok

Greetings, fellow feline friends. It's Sherlock, the head honcho here at Weekly Mews.
I just had something to meow, and so I thought I'd give you the privilege of hearing what I have to say.
I am (in case you did not know this)writing a brand new 'mews' paper called The Daily Meower.
I'm really excited about it and can't wait to get it started. However, due to my online absence (I have been very busy these days and haven't had time to blog it--any of it!) which I find quite alarming, it will be published here monthly. So, there's a bit of a name change going on.
I do hope you will enjoy it, so look for The Monthly Meower soon.
Your dearest ~Sherlock

Felines watch the Fireworks

The Cat Club House was busy already, planning an event that would take place today: the fireworks show!
Yes, I know what you're saying: "but the fourth of July isn't until tomorrow. and aren't cats supposed to be afraid of fireworks?"
First of all, these aren't just ordinary cats. These are extraordinary cats. Yeah, I am aware that cats are known for hiding under their beds and covering their ears with their paws when the fireworks show starts, by like I stated just a few seconds ago: these are extraordinary cats  and they love fireworks. I know that sounds funny, but it's true. And these kitties love fieworks works so much, that they were planning to go to a fireworks show early! A day early. And to be honest, these kitties were even more excited about seeing the fireworks show than they were about a year's supply of catnip.
"It so bright, and vibrant and beautiful!" Traveler mewed, "I can't wait to see the show!"
The Cat's Celebrate!  and Feline Fantastic groups were already getting started planning out the adventurous trip! They researched where the show would take place, read and re-read the safety guidelines and then got the Cat Club House group together to plan out the trip. "We want to make it an hour early, so we get good seats", Sasha was meowing. "We should probably paw out there right now" one of the members mewed,"since it's a little ways of a paw-walk."
"Did you research all the safety guidelines for cats?" Sherlock mewed, a little worried. "Of course!" they exclaimed, "what else do you think we're for?"
"Okay then," Sherlock mewed, "let's head out!"
"Wait, we need to finish baking our catnip flavored treats. They're almost done" Jellybean of Catnip Kitties meowed.
"Yum! Treats!" all the kitties purred.
As soon as the treats were finished, the kitties headed out.
They got to the Fireworks show early and picked out the best seats. They could get a clear view of the fireworks when it started. Getting comfy, the cats settle down into their seats and watched the magic happen!
It was amazing: the pitch black sky was suddenly bursting with vibrant colors: bright orange, yellow, blue, white and red and also some neon green. The kitties "awed" and "Oohed" at each and every firework, watching excitedly, eyes gleaming in joy. "This is wonderful!" the kitties purred, "absolutely amazing!" They pulled out their cameras and took snapshots to remember the beautiful night by.
It was a magical night that the kitties never forgot.
When the fireworks show ended, Jellybean meowed "time for treats!" and pulled out a tray full of brightly colored catnip  flavoured cookies! "Mm!" the cats meowed, "these taste delicious!"
The kitties gobbled down their treats and headed home, remembering the special night.
When they got back to the Cat Club House, Sherlock meowed, " Weekly Mews's  'mews'paper,The Daily Meower is going to write a review on the fireworks show!"
They all purred.

Kittie Groupies

The cats of Cat Club House were purring with excitement! As each kitty picked out a slip of light pink folded paper with a kitty paw on top, they were  mewing with anticipation to find out what their job in  Cat Club House would be.
It was time to get things organized and begin the feline fun! There would be more parties, adventures and all kind of things all planned out in their club house! But first, they had to decide what they'd each do.
That's where the groups came in. There would be four central groups, and four more branching off ( one per group ). The first group was:
-Catnip Kitties (in charge of treats)
Catnip Kitties branching group was: Bet ya Can't beat Our Treats (a team of kitties who would taste test all treats made until perfected.)

The second group was:
-Cats Celebrate!
Cats Celebrate! were the kitties who planned out all the parties and events. They were in charge of just about everything there was to fun events planned.
Their branching groups was: Feline Fantastic! who were in charge of researching all the fun events planned to make sure they were feline-friendly and fantastic!
The next group was called:
-Cats Adventures
Cats Adventures were in charge of just about all there is to planning a feline-tastic adventure.
Their branching group: Cats Super were the ones who made sure everything was just purr-fect for the adventure and double-checked to ensure feline fun and safety.

The final group was a literature group, all together different from the main four but yet a vital part of Cat Club House.
It was called:
-Weekly Mews: Cats News.
Weekly Mews:Cats News were in charge of their weekly 'mews' letter, The Meower and also had a superb taste in fine feline arts and organized specialty events to appreciate feline artists and writers all over the world for their cat club house.
Their branching group: Cats on Call were needed to ensure everything was purr-fect and feline approved. They were the research team.

 Now it was time for each cat to read their slip and meow it out loud! They could hardly wait..
Traveler was the leader of Cats Adventure and sat in one end of the room while several kitties mewed their cards out loud. "I have Cats Celebrate!" meowed a cat, whose name was Patsy Poo. "Then you're in the group who's in charge of all the parties and events!" Sasha meowed, who was the leader of that group. A few other cats mewed out their cards and pawed over to the Cats Celebrate corner.

Pretty soon, all the cats were meowing out their cards and pawing over to that group.
"I'm with Weekly Mews" meowed Moonlight the silver tabby. "Then you're in my group!" Sherlock purred.
"I have Catnip Kitties!" mewed Snickerdoodle the bracken-furred tabby. "Paw over here to my group then!" Jellybean purred
"I have Cat's Adventure!" Snickerdoodle. "Then you're with us!" Traveler mewed.

At the end of the day, it was all meows and purrs as the cats got to work in their groups.
Here's the cats and who's groups they were put in:
-Catnip Kitties leader: Jellybean
Bet Ya can't Beat our Treats branching group:

-Cats Celebrate! Leader:Sasha
Feline Fantastic:
Cats Adventure: Leader-Traveler
Cats Super!
Weekly Mews: Leader:Sherlock
Cats on Call branching group:

Cat Club House Meeting

 All the kitties gathered around inside the cozy cat club house for a  Cat Club House meeting.
They had just finished up the grand opening party and it was paw-tastic! The grand opening was full of  new furry feline friends, kitty treats and a ton of feline fun!
But now it was time to get down to business!
With new members of the Cat Club House to join them, they got started.
"Attention, all esteemed feline members of the Cat Club House", Sherlock began, "it is with great honor I bestow upon you the  greatest reward of being feline fantastic members. Your job will be to have fun, organize group events, and most importantly.. be feline!" The cats cheered and purred, eyes gleaming with excitement. "We are honored to have you here as members and can't wait for our Cat Club House to get started!"
"Now," Ash began, a warm look in her eyes as she gazed at the crowd of cheering cats, "As we are well into summer, it is time for us to get organized. The mission of Cat Club House is to have feline fun, become accomplished in our skills and be organized in doing so. We must show off our talents with pride and always always, behave in refined feline manner." The cats nodded their heads in agreement.
"What Ash is saying", Jellybean mewed, "is that we just simply need to be ourselves at all times and we'll be a purr-fect group!"
"With those mews of wisdom being meowed" Traveler began,"it's time to organize our events groups! We don't want to waste our summer just sittin' around and not doing anything fun! So, each of you kitties pick a group and then a card.  You will mew what you're card says out loud and then begin your task. Let's have fun!"

Cat Club House Grand Opening

While Ash and Sherlock were busy putting gold streamers all over the cat club house that read "grand opeing--purrs!",
Jellybean and Traveler were going all over the neighborhood passing out kitty invites for Cat Club House: Grand Opening.
They were so happy to have new friends coming over and couldn't wait!
They went to every house on the block and talked to very single kitty they saw, spreading the news (or in this case 'mews'.) The cats they met were really happy and eager to come over "That's pawsome!" one cat named Silverpaw mewed, "what should I bring?" The kitties couldn't believe it-cats were offering to bring gifts! Now this was one happy surprise.
"Catnip would be nice" Jellybean mewed, "but anything's fine! Can't wait to see you there!"
"can't wait either!" Silverpaw mewed.
Next they met a cat named Rosy, a light gray kitty with dark blue eyes. She was freindly and offered to bring her homemade cat treats. She only lived a block away from the club house.
They met even more kitties who all wanted to come: Moonlight, Bluepaws, Caitlyn, Rosey May, Apache, Amelie, Lilypaws, Snickerdoodle, Pumpkins, Patsy Paws, Whisker-poo, and Cuddlemuffin.
They all showed up with gifts, cat toys, and homemade kitty treats and even some cat nip.
It was all warm purrs and friendly greetings as they were invited into the cat club house.
"We're so glad you could make it!" Sherlock purred, "Yes, it's purr-tastic to have you over and celebrate this with us!" Ash mewed to their new pals.
"We're glad to come!" The kitties purred, "now let's party!"
At that very instant, catnip confetti fell from the sky and landed in each kittie's paws!
"This is incrediable!" the kitties cheered, "amazing!" and all purred.
Ash and Traveler gave a sideways glance at each other, "good idea" Ash mewed."I knew it would work!" Traveler purred. All the kitties purred and danced and meowed their favorite songs.
It was wonderfully pawsome and the best grand opening ever! "I've got dibs on the catnip!" Jellybean purred.

Cat Club house

The kitties were really busy. And I mean really busy.
They had all day to get their club house ready and to be honest, they couldn't wait.
But there was a lot of work in store before they could get it together. Good thing they're cats!
They were very organized at this point, especially with Sherlock to supervise.
They decided that the club house would be a tree house, and luckily there was already one in the back yard. It was just a matter of fixing it up to look cozy and kitty.
That's where the work came in. No, I'm not talking about literal work, I'm talking about decorating!
All day the kitties were pawing back and forth collecting supplies, supplies and more supplies.
Sasha and Ash were busy cleaning the place up from top to bottom.
They swept until all the dust was gone, washed the windows until they shinned and then got to the decorating part. The wall was covered with kitty posters and paw prints from each cat.
There was a warm rug in the middle of the club house and two cat trees in each corner.
Plus, there was a snack area which Jellybean and Traveler took care of. Catnip, Meowmix, kitty treats and even some cat toys like a squeaky mouse.
Sherlock added some fresh catnip plants to give it that 'earthy feline look' and then it was perfected.
They stood back and admired their work.
It was purr-fect!
"Now time to invite all the neighborhood kitties for the grand opening". Sherlock meowed, "Let's pass out those invites!'

Sherlock's bright idea

The kitties were pawing back and forth, back and forth, all excited and happy and jumpy.
Last night, they had planned a surprise party in honor of their new pal, Jellybean. It was a really pawsome party, with games, gifts, treats and ofcourse catnip. And so the next morning, due to all their excitment from last night--they were especially jumpy. But it wasn't the catnip that was doing it.
It was Sherlock's idea.
He was so happy that the party last night went even better than he had planned, that he was determined to plan out even more parties that summer. More parties imaginable that a kitty has ever organized. But first thing was first: the kitties needed to be organized.
And, well, they weren't. In fact, that whole day they had been rather messy ( but not in a bad way ).
There was catnip covering the floor, party hats scattered everywhere, and left over kitty treats from last night. Yes, that sounds pretty bad. And the kitties were no better, either.
They spent the whole afternoon taking sun baths, eating cat treats and pretty much takin' it easy.
That's why Sherlock decided that they needed to be organized.
And the only way to be organized was to have a special place just for planning on a kitty basis.
That's when he got the idea: They would build a cat club house!
So, when word got out that the cats would have their very own club house, they needed to get to work. First of all, they needed to make rules, and there was a very long list of them too. But for the most part, the basics were pretty well clear.
Rule #1: No dogs allowed.
Rule#2: No dogs allowed.
Rule #3: Still no dogs allowed.
With the rules ( or atleast the main ones ) all taken care of, they still had a lot of stuff more to do.
They needed to pass out invitations to all the neighborhood cats, post a kitty guard incase some dogs tried to get into the cat club house, and.... they needed to build the club house,too.

Monday, July 2, 2012

The kitties Party: Catnip Style

The kitties were planning a party in honor of their new pal, Jellybean!
There would be catnip, fun food , and plenty of meowmix. They couldn't wait!
They were busy all day planning, decorating, and getting ready for the big celebration: catnip style!
Ash was in charge of the decorating part, and she was really happy!
Decorating had always been her thing, and she was so happy to finally show off her skill!
Meanwhile, Sasha had been spending all day getting the catnip together and making sure it would be just right for the big event.
They were all so busy working and they couldn't wait to pull off the surprise to one important cat: Jellybean.
You see, the party was going to be a surprise for Jellybean and they needed to make sure that he didn't know about it. The problem was, it was hard keeping him away from the house, especially when he was so eager to find out what was going on.
Sherlock took Jellybean out to Petsmart and they splurged on all the fun feline things imaginable!
Catnip, cat toys, and even cat trees! At the end of the day, they  came home  loaded with a bunch of cool stuff.
And while Jellybean and Sherlock had been at the petstore, Traveler was busy gathering up all the neighborhood cats and inviting them to the surprise party! They were all happy to come and brought a ton of pawsome gifts for Jellybean.
There was  kitty decorations, yummy cat treats and fun party games.
And when Jellybean got home, he was greeted by a welcoming surprise party!
They all cheered "Jellybean!" and gave him hugs and gifts. They played games, had yummy cat treats and it was so totally pawsome!
At the end of the day, Jellybean was so thrilled he didn't know what to say except "Thank you, all of you for being my friend and showing me what true friends do for each other".
They all purred and passed out the catnip.


The cats had just made a new pal, a stray cat who's name was Jellybean. And they not only made a new pal, they took him in and let him stay with them!
It was kind of a funny story how the cats found Jellybean. You see, they had been gardening a catnip plant in their back yard and were having a really great time ( ofcourse, wouldn't all cats?) until suddenly one day the catnip went missing and they had no idea what happened to it!
Then, in the middle of the night, they found Jellybean taking the catnip!
At first they were upset with him, but then they found out he was a stray cat and they had a big heart for strays. Especially Sasha, who used to be one until her dream came true and she ws adopted.
So it was only second nature for the cats to decide to take Jellybean 'under their whiskers'
( not 'wing' because they aren't birds and can't fly ). Now he was staying with them and felt loved at last! He had his very own bed, food and even water bowl. He had never felt this loved before and had four new friends  to share it with!

"Thanks so much  for being my friend and having your Mommy adopt me. I never thought I would have a home, but now I do and I'm so happy!"
"We're happy to have a new pal" the kitties purred, "and share all our catnip with".
It was a warm day and the sun was bright and beauitful. The cat's catnip garden looked amazing, and everything seemed just right. The cats had made a new pal, solved a mystery that lead to finding Jellybean a home, and now they were ready to relaxe and have some fun!
"Do you wanna play with my catnip mouse?" Traveler offered. "Sure!" Jellybean mewed.
"But I have a better idea" Ash meowed, "Let's enjoy the day and play hide-'n-go-seek!"
The kitties all spent the day playing outside and having fun with their new pal, Jellybean.
The day was finally winding down, and the cat had spent a full day palying and having fun together.
As the cats curled up to go to  bed, but Jellybean had something to say. "Thanks so much for being my friend!" Jellybean meowed. "I'm so happy to have you guys as furfriends!" They all purred and snuggled close.

A Stray cat finds a Home

Behind the wild  catnip  plant stood a sleek, dark feline body, perfectly still and not moving an inch. Some catnip  was scattered on the groud below him, and he his mouth was stuffed with it. They had solved the mystery: this was the cat nip theif.
It's safe to say that the cats were a little bit more frightened by the whole idea of a strange cat sneaking into their garden and stealing their catnip, but they were also relieved that they've finally solved the case of the missing catnip.
They were getting pretty good at this mystery solvers thing, and who knows? Maybe they could become detectives one day. But in the mean time, they needed to figure out what to do about this "catnip theif".
Now, they were indeed pretty angry at this, and they could have growled and snarled at the cat for taking their catnip. But the truth was, these cats were really softies on the inside and couldn't bring themselves to get angry at the poor thing, nor could they blame him for taking the catnip, even though he really shouldn't have have they were still very upset. "It's okay", Sasha mewed, "you can come out, we aren't going to be mean to you".
Now it may sound a little funny for a cat who's catnip had just been stolen not to be the least bit angry, but Sasha had a feeling she knew why this cat had taken the  cat nip.
You see, growing up Sasha had been a stray. No one wanted her, and she didn't feel loved. She had to scrounge around for food and never had a warm place to sleep.
But then one day she found Sherlock's house and they became pals. It wasn't long before then that Mommy ( Sherlock, Ash and Traveler's adopted owner ) found Sasha and took her in.
She loved her, cared for her and then adopted her and gave Sasha a forever home.
So it was cats like this one that Sasha had a heart for, because she used to be one herself.
The cat slide out of the shadows and faced the kitties. He looked a little scared and wasn't sure what to do. "I'm sorry!" he mewed, "I know I shouldn't have taken your catnip but I just couldn't help myself--it looked so good and I just wanted a taste!"
"Are you a stray?" Ash asked, sympathy in her tone.
"Yes, I am" the cat mewed. "I've been a stray cat all my life. No one seems to want me".
The four kitties: Sherlock, Ash, Sasha and Traveler, looked at one another. They felt so bad for this poor guy, and knew he needed a home. "That's not true." Sherlock mewed. "It's not true that no one wants you. We do". With love in their gaze they ran up to the stray cat and gave him a big kitty hug.
"You're home now" they purred, "we'll take you in".
And with that, the kitties had finally solved the case of the missing catnip and turned it into  the stray cat who has a home.
"Thank you!" the cat purred, "thank you for being my friends."

Catnip Theif

The kitties had no idea what was going on.. they just had a feeling something was wrong. But they didn't have time to go on worrying about that ( whatever that was ) because first of all, they couldn't figure out what was wrong.. but yet "they just had a feeling something was wrong."
So they let that problem go to the back of their heads and resolved to spend  their summer tending to the garden. After all, gardening is "good for the soul" and so gardening catnip is " good for the feline soul" and if anything could help them forget about this mystery that kept bugging them, surley gardening would?
Sasha picked up a garden tool and got to work. "I think these flowers would look a lot better over here" she meowed, rearranging the garden. She couldn't help but forget about what was bugging her (something just looked different in their garden and they couldn't seem to  figure out what) after she got well into the garden work and soon all her worries melted away. And she also got very hot, considering it was the middle of summer!
Pretty soon, all the kitties wrapped up their work and headed inside for the day to cool off.
Sherlock wipped up some tasty cat drink ( catnip flavored water ) and they took it easy for the day.
So what if something looked a little different in their garden? It wasn't the end of the world after all, and they could always fix it! There was no need in worrying over nothing. It was summer, and they wanted to spend it having a good time.
So they quite worrying about the whole thing, and went on with their regular kitty buisness.

Later that night, when the kitties were tucked into bed, for some reason Traveler just had a strange inclination to go outside and check on the garden. Yeah, I know that's a pretty odd thing to do, but Traveler just had a feeling he should stick to his  instincts and check the garden out, just to be sure.
So he carefully got out of his cat bed ( very slowly, not to disturb the other cats ) and pawed down the stairs and slide out the cat door, hoping not to wake any cat up. But it was too late, 'cause the other kitties were already up."Where's Traveler going?" meowed a sleepy Sherlock.
"Probably  out to get a midnight snack" Ash suggested, "he's always hungry, you know."
"Well I'll bet he's going out to the garden to sneak some catnip". Sasha growled, "and you know how bad catnip can be for cats at this time of night. I'm going to follow him".
So Sasha, Ash and Sherlock pawed down the stairs and went into the garden. "Sure enough, just as I thought." Sasha meowed. "Traveler's here." But some cat other than Traveler was there too. Some cat who was taking their cat nip!

Wild Catnip Adventure

The kitties were in one big hurry. And when cats are in a hurry, sometimes they are soo fast that end up taking more time doing something that could have taken less time. It only happens when you're under a catnip attack.
"Okay we're just gonna have to find some  place that grows wild catnip" Sasha meowed, "No sense wasting time like this wandering about where to find it."
The thing is, the kitties didn't actually know that there was a gardening shop not to far away from where they were sitting and if they had taken the time to realize that.. they may not have had to go on some wild catnip chase. But then again, cats are always up for an adventure. Especially in the middle of Summer.
"But where are we going to find this 'magical catnip field of yours?' " Sherlock mewed, a little puzzled but not surprised by Sasha's conclusion.
"Easy," she mewed, "We'll just go back to where we first found it"
"Are you crazy?" Sherlock mewed, "no cat wants to paw all the way over there just to get a few pawfulls of catnip".
"Hey, you're the one who started all this, remember" Sasha corrected. "And have you forgotten the amazing taste found in wild catnip yet?"
"No" Sherlock mewed, embarrassed.
"What's so bad about going back to that forest again?" Ash mewed. "Don't you remember how much fun we had there?"
"It was totally pawsome!" Traveler mewed, half to himself. "But whatever we do, let's just do something 'cause I'm tired of sitting around here on this grass."
The kitties set off on their catnip chase.
Okay, so I know it sounds silly for urban cats to travel all the way to some 'far away forest' especially when they were just at Petsmart. But really, it's not that silly and it's actually very simple.
You see, they live right by this really cool widlife reserve and it's almost like a jungle in itself.
Plus, it's not that far off at all to paw to, so the trip would be easy and light and plus Sherlock had already discovered where they grow the wild catnip on their last adventure.
It wasn't long before the kitties got there and they had a pretty neat time.
The sun was warm, the sky was bright and the birds ( yes, the cats are going to pay at least some attention to birds ) were singing just the most beauitful song ever. The kitties were tempted to stop their catnip hunt and side track a little, pawing down the beauitful flower and tree lined earthy path and enjoying the plesant day. But they knew they couldn't stop for anything at all, not even on a day like this. The had some serious catnip to catch.
And it wasn't long before they did. "Here it is!" Traveler mewed "I found the catnip!!"
"Ahhh.." Sherlock mewed,"nothing like the fresh smell of catnip in the morning."
Sasha and Ash were busy already, taking pawfulls of catnip into their paws and stocking up for their  catnip garden. Sherlock and Traveler got some,too although they ate most of it on the way home. ( of course ).
 Yeah, I know it might sound a little silly for some cats to barge right into a wildlife resever and nab all the catnip, but c'mon: these are cats and catnip is for cats. Plus, there was a sign right there that read "wild catnip. For cats enjoyment only. Take generously." Problem solved.
They were home in one big hurry, although they arrived a little late ( considering that they were weighed down with all that catnip ) but as soon as they got home, they got to work.
They picked out a perfect spot to plant all the catnip and even made  a little sign that read "cat's nip".
They spent the whole afternoon digging, planting and planting some more. And at the end of the day, they were pretty proud of themselves. "This is beauitful" mewed Ash, "We did a paw-tastic job!"
They all purred in agreement and admired their garden.
But it was only a little while later that they realized something was different... and they needed to found out what.

Catnip Charisma

The cats surveyed their domain. The garden was beautiful--everything was placed just right and it looked gorgeous, but...
It wasn't long before the kitties realized what was missing.

 "We need to get some catnip or this could turn into one big huge disaster!" Traveler frantically mewed. "What cat in the history of cats forgets to plant catnip on their garden? Cats all over the world will think we're crazy!"
"Calm down, Traveler" Sasha mewed, "Did you forget that we can always just go to the petsore and pick up some 'nip there?"
"Yeah, there's nothing to worry about,bud" Sherlock meowed casually, "it's only a few blocks away and we could paw up there quickly. Plus, I hear that Petsmart is loaded with catnip today, so it would be a perfect time to go!"
The kitties dropped their gardening tools and headed down to the petstore to get loaded with catnip.
But when they got there, they were in for a surprise.
"The only cat nip they've got here is the stuff that we eat from the catnip container--you can't plant it!" Traveler exclaimed, still very worried. "But it.. smells...so goood!" Sherlock purred, sniffing some catnip right out of the "fresh growing catniip". "Let's pick some up here now!"
"I don't think so," Ash mewed. "Yes, I know this is silly for a cat to actually turn down some catnip, but we came here to find the cat nip you can actually plant and grow right from your garden."
"Remember the wild catnip we found back on our journey?" Sasha meowed "Didn't that stuff taste amazing?"
"Oh, tell me about it! That stuff was the best thing I've ever had in my whole nine lives!" Sherlock replied, dreaming of the wild catnip field.
"Well then you're in for a surprise," Ash mewed, "because when we get some plantable wild catnip.. well let's just say it'll be even better than the stuff you've tasted before. And I promise."
"Then what are we waiting for?' Traveler chimed in, "Let's get going!"
The only problem was... they had no idea where to find it.

Glorious Garden

It was day: two since the kitties had first moved into their new house.They really didn't need to do any more exploring, since they had covered all of that the night before.
But for some reason Sherlock just couldn't help but wonder if they were missing out on something fun that they hadn't seen before. Anyway, in the mean time he didn't have time to worry about that: they were too busy with the new garden!
Incase you didn't know this, these kitties love and I mean love to garden! It was just their passion. Some cats like catnip ( okay, all cats love catnip ) others like to chase dogs, and for these kitties, gardening was their thing.
So when they realized the new house was already complete with a lovley garden, it was only natural for them to want to mix it up, and garden some more.
After all, summer seemed to be going to waste, and they needed something fun to do!
Yeah, I know that summer seems like a bad time to be doing some gardening, but for these kitties--it was the best time!
"Sherlock, would you pass me the Daylilies, please?" Ash mewed, "I'm going to plant them right here next to the Pansies." "Right after I finish up planting this Hollyhock". Sherlock mewed, "It's going to look just beauitful right here!"
The kitties were busy at work with their gardening--planting, digging, and planting some more.
Meanwhile, Sasha and Traveler headed over to the Flower Shop to pick up some flower potts.
"These ones look cute--they'd go perfect in our new garden!" Sasha meowed. "Yeah, I love the light blue with wisps of pink clouds design on this one" Traveler replied, signaling with his tail to the pretty pot displayed on the left. "I think it would look gorgeous with some Daises in it!"
The kitties loaded their paws with more flower seeds, gardening pots, and just about everything imaginable that would look cute in a garden.
At the end of the day, those cats had a furr-tastic garden to brag about!
But they had forgotten to plant one very important thing... the catnip!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

The New House

It was all a bunch of feline fun and excitment when they discovered ( or rather moved in ) to the new house.
You see, Mommy decided it was time to move.
Yes, the kitties had lived in that house for, well, their whole life pretty much, but in the end, it needed some major repairs that just.. well... were impossible.
For one thing: the kitties defianatley needed a bigger room.
The solution: they move into a bigger and better house. And that's just what they did!
So, on Moving Day, everything was everywhere!
The celing was piled high with moving boxes of all different shapes and sizes ( the kitties had a super fun time jumping in and out of the boxes and playing in them! ;p ) which were being moved into the U-Haul, a big truck with huge wheels that took everything to the new house.
There was moving, moving, and moving of all the stuff and boxes, so the kitties thought it best to stay out of the way while everything was being loaded into the truck. Of course they still did sneak a peek or two to watch the progress. Finally, after nearly everything was out of the house, Mommy took the kitties into their cat cages ( I know that sounds scarey, but don't worry the cat 'cages' were very comfy, as inside it was lined with warm fuzzy kitty blankets and one or two of their favoirte cat toys ) and into the front seat of the truck. "This is so exciting!" mewed Traveler from his cat cage, "we're finally going to get a new, big house full of adventure!"
"I can't wait to get there" Ash purred, "it'll be something fun for sure!". And it was.
As soon as they got to the house, Mommy carefully picked up each of the cats and brought them to their brand new room "while I'm moving all of the boxes you kitties can stay here out of the way".
When the kitties got to their room, they were in for one BIG surprise!
It was HUGE! They had plenty of room to roll around and play around in. It was just too much to take in.
And the best part? "Mommy put all our stuff in here ahead of time for us!" mewed Traveler.
"Yeah, now my cat tree is here for me to take a nap in" Sherlock purred. "Take a nap? Wouldn't you rather be exploring this new place?" mewed Sasha. "Nah, it's pawsome alright, but you know me: it's never a bad time for a cat nap!" Sherlock purred, "G'nite".
Meanwhile, the other kitties were busy exploring their new room and they were in for a surprise.
Not only was all their stuff in there ( it was completly furnished: cat tree, cat beds, kitty clothes, cat food and water bowls and their MeowMix container ) but there were two big windows for them to look out of.
And if you know cats, you know how they love to look out windows.
They spent the rest of the day playing in their new room, exploring it, and looking out the window.
"Hey" Sasha mewed, "It lookes like mom is done bringing stuff in. Let's check out the rest of the house now!"
The kitties pawed down the stairs, even Sherlock who had waken up from his afternoon nap, and looked around at the new place.
It was much bigger than they thought!
There was a huge kitchen and two living areas, a cat playroom and den/T.V. room/ a big backyard and even a small garden! They were in love. "This is pawsome!" they meowed, "We'll have so much fun exploring our new big house and finding more adventures".
They were overjoyed!
"But first," mewed Sherlock, "Let's help Mom unpack all these boxes".
But instead of helping to unpack, Traveler had an even better idea: "Let's play hide-'n-go-seek in these empty big boxes over here!" They had the time of their life. It was a lot of fun!

Pretty soon, after they had played hide-'n-go-seek for the hundreth time, it was time to go to bed.
Mommy fed them each their MeowMix and some milk and then they pawed up the stairs into their room and jumped into their kitty beds. ( all except Sherlock who sleeps in his cat tree ).
They curled up next to each other and slowly fell alseep. Traveler yawned, " Good night, guys! I can't wait to wake up in the morning and have some more fun!" And they all purred

Saying Goodbye to the old house

That house was the one they had lived in ever since Mommy adopted them when they were very small.
Now it was time to say good-bye. "I'm going to miss this house" mewed Ash.
 "It has so many memories" mewed Sherlock, "it will be hard to let go" finished Traveler.
"This happened so fast, though" Sasha marvled. "One minute we're out in the forest exploring and the next we come home and find out that we're moving."
"It's too much for me to take in right now" Ash meowed. "I just don't get it".
"Things happen so fast" Sherlock mewed. "I'm going to miss our old house". They all mewed in agreement.

Suddenly the expression changed on Sasha's face and she came up with a good idea.
"We should look at it this way" meowed Sasha, "instead of loosing our old memories and missing the good old heydays when we just started out our adventures, moving into a new house gives us a chance to make some more! Who knows.. we just might find something even better in the new house then we did here".
What Sasha said gave the kitties a new and uplifting perspective, and before long they were ready to discover a new adventure! "Let's get moving!" they purred. "And find a new adventure!"


 The kitties fell asleep in their cat beds and when they woke up there was a surprise: mommy had come home with yet more moving boxes.. and this time and big truck that said U-Haul in big bright orange letters.
"What's that?" Ash mewed, looking out of the window "Must be the truck to move all our stuff into our new place" Traveler suggested.
"Let's take a look" meowed Sasha, and the kitties jumped out of their cat beds and ran outside, exploring the new truck. "This is pretty cool" mewed Sherlock, "but I'm too scared to go inside"
"Yeah, it's too big!" meowed the others, "but it sure is a curious thing."
Before long, there were several 'moving guys' as Mommy called them, who were carring all their stuff into the big truck. The kitties stood back and watched, curious yet content to stay where they were and not explore the situation. "We're moving soon!" Mommy said, picking the kitties up and snuggling them close. They purred. "Are you guys ready to see the new place and do some exploring?" Mommy said. "you're gonna love it! It's huge!"
The kitties, overjoyed and bubbling with excitment at the idea of more adventures jumped right into the front seat of the moving truck and got behind the wheel! "Let's take off!" they mewed.
"But wait; we can't drive" Sherlock meowed."Oh yeah." Ash and Sasha mewed, "never mind."
Mommy picked them up and took them to their cat room before they could get into any more trouble.
"We're not going just yet!" She said. "First of all, we need to say good-bye to the old house."
Then the kitties realized something: they were going to miss their old home.

Getting Stuff Packed and Ready

The kitties got down on some serious packing.
The grabbed a few boxes and packed away!
Sherlock packed his favorite mousie catnip toy, Sasha and Ash packed their kitty clothes ( you know, like those adorable kitty jackets you see at like Petsmart and stuff ) and then on to their CatFancy magazines.
(They had a whole year's subscription you know.)
At the end of the day, they were pooped!
"Wow! That was a whole lot of packing!" Sherlock mewed, "but I'm glad we got the job done fast!"
"Yeah, we sure did a good job!" Sasha meowed, "I'm hitting the sack and getting some rest".
The kitties had a full day of packing, and before long they were fast asleep.
When they woke up, Mommy ( their adoptive owner ) was home, and when she saw them she picked them up in her arms and wrapped them up in love "I missed you kitties soo much!" she said. "I didn't know where you were or if you were ever coming back! I'm soo happy you're home". They purred and Mommy gave them some Meow Mix ( their favorite) .

Boxes and Boxes!

Mommy was gone. And the house was full of cardboard boxes, containing all of mommy's stuff.
The kitties couldn't believe it.
"What's going on?" mewed Sasha
"And what are all these boxes for?" Traveler mewed, peering inside of one "They look fun!"
The kitties carfully peered inside of the boxes, checking them out for saftey, and finally curiousity got the best of them.
Before long all the kitties were jumping in and out of the boxes, playing hide-and-seek.
They had a ton of fun with all of those boxes and boxes!
It wasn't until they read what was labled on the side of the boxes until they realized just what was going on.
"Moving?" Sherlock meowed, "Mommy brought a bunch of moving boxes?"
Yep, they were moving. The kitties got it. "Time to pack" Sherlock mewed, "Let's get started!"

Claws instead of Key: and the discovery!

Mommy couldn't hear their mews and the four kitties were locked out of their own house!
After a few minutes of frantic chaos and meowes, they finally calmed down and it was Ash who came up with the idea. "Why haven't we thought of this before?" she mewed, "We'll just let ourselves right in."
"But  how?" questioned Sherlock, "did you forget we don't have the key?"
"Don't have the key?" Ash repeated, "hello-- did you forget what our claws are for?"
"Oh yeah" mewed Sherlock, letting it all sink in. "I get it."
It wasn't long before Ash unlocked the back door and they all pawed inside.
"Home at last!" they mewed. Ash sprawled onto the couch and took a catnap, Sherlock settled into his cat tree, Traveler got out his favorite cat nip toy and Sasha brought out the meow mix.
"We're home!" they mewed "We are definatley home!"
But it wasn't long before they stopped their relaxation and partying and realized something was different.
"Mommy is gone!" they mewed, "and there's a bunch of strange cardboard boxes filling the house!"

Locked out of the House?

The kitties had one fun adventure!
They toured a forest, found a hidden paradise,  found a field of catnip, and even went fishing! They also saw their first firefly show and one firefly even landed right ontop of Traveler's nose.
But, despite all the fun they had, domestic cats will be domestic cats.
And they missed their meow mix.
"Ready to head home?" mewed Sherlock, "Mommy probably is worried sick about us!"
"I'll bet! She doesn't even know we left on this adventure!"
Keep in mind the kitties lived on a farm ( sort of ) with a forest out back and so this adventure all took place in their back yard. It's amazing what you can find when you go outside!
"Let's head on home, then" mewed the other three kitties, "besides, I'm getting hungry!" Traveler mewed.
The kitties pawed on home, first they said one last "goodbye" to the fish pound, then went over to the catnip field and packed some extra goodies for the road. They left the forest and found themselves on the path twords home.
"We're almost there!" mewed Traveler, "I can see just see the house!"
Sure enough, in no time at all, they were home. At last.
They pawed up to the porch and jumped onto the bench by the back door. Sherlock slide his paws onto the doorknob and pulled it tightly, but it wouldn't budge!
"We're locked out!" They mewed, frantically. "What do we do?"
They meowed and meowed, trying to get their mommie's attention.
You won't believe what they did next!


The kitties were stuffed with catnip and I mean stuffed!
They had soo much that pretty soon they felt as if they could just grow wings and fly. And they were pretty happy, too. (Go figure)
Next thing they knew, they had settled in for one serious catnap. And when they woke up, they were in for a surprise!
"What in the world?" Ash mewed, "It's pitch black outside and there's a bunch of little bugs with yellow bright lights." "What's going on?" mewed Sherlock, "Are we seeing things?"
Sure enough, the kitties had come across some fireflies, and this was the first time they had ever sen one before. "We're not dreaming!" meowed Sasha, "I think these are fireflies!"
The kitties were amazed.  "These are fireflies" mewed Ash, "and I never thought we'd get the chance to se one" "This is incrediable!" meowed Traveler, "It's almost like fireworks!"
They were overcome with curiousity and joy as they watched the little bright bugs skipping around in the sky. "Let's catch one!" mewed Traveler, "It'll be fun!"
"I don't think so" Sherlock warned, "they're too fast for us." But they tried anyway.
It was quite a cute sight if you ever did see one. Four little kitties, with a gleam in their eyes, getting on their back paws and reaching up, trying to catch a firefly. It was funny!
But each time they got close to one, the firefly would just turn its light off. "This is impossible!" growled Ash, "everytime we get close to one they're gone!"
"I just don't get it" mewed Traveler, a little disappointed. "it's okay" mewed Sasha, "we'll catch one soon enough."
But it seemed impossible to catch something like this, until...
Traveler was sitting  down,  tail curled around his paws,admiring the fireflies. He was soo busy watching the light show that he forgot all about catching them.
Before he knew it, a firefly had perched right on his nose. He looked down, cross eyed, and let out a yowl of joy! "Guys" he whispered, "I have a firefly right on my nose!"
They all were too shocked to speak. "Amazing" mewed Sasha, "simply amazing".
Out of all cats, the firefly chose the most hyper one to perch on top of.

Catnip Kitties

The kitties shook themsleves off and took a long sunbath to get dry.
"Ahh", mewed Sasha, "how relaxing after that fish fiasco"
"Yes, there's nothing better than warm sun on our soft fur. "
"It's heaven!" meowed Ash
After the kitties were all nice and dry, they spent the rest of the afternoon in the flower field, smelling away!
"These flowers are beauitful" mewed Ash, "just beauitful!"
Suddenly one of them asked "Hey where's Sherlock?"
He was missing!
Okay not really. Actally Sherlock was perfectly nearby.
You see, while the 3 of them had their little fishing adventure, Sherlock was feeling rather left out.
"They never listen to anything I have to say!" he grumbled, "I'm just looking out for them and they think I'm ruining the fun!"
He decided he would find something fun to do for himself and began wandering off until he came upon garden with yet the most lovely flowers he had seen!
"They are sure missing out!'' he mewed.
But pretty soon he began to relaize that these weren't just flowers.. it was wild catnip!
"Oh my goodness!" he purred, "catnip!"
Before you knew it, Sherlock was rolling in the catnip and purring away happy as he could be!
He ate, and ate, and ate and ate and ate and ate... until finally he was stuffed with catnip and just fell asleep.
It wasn't long before the other kitties found out. "Look over here!" meowed Ash "there's Sherlock asleep!"
"What's he doing over there?" Sasha wondered... "and why is his mouth stuffed with..."
"Catnip!" they mewed, "He found catnip!"
And sure enough it was not long at all before they got their share.
"Wake up, Sherlock!" Sasha prodded him with her paw, "Let's party!"
And that is exactly what they did.

Somethin' Fishy

The cats had just come up with a great idea: They'd go fishing!

 Yeah, I know what you're thinking: if there's four cats and a pound full of fish, surely all the fishes would have been all gone by now, and why hadn't they thought of this idea before?! Think again.
Well, yes we all know cats love fish. Yes, we all know cats would do almost anything to catch one.
And its safe to say these kitties were planning on doing just that. The only problem is.. they had no idea how to catch a fish!
You see, although they had been adventuring out in the wild for some time, they were still pretty much domestic cats. And, well, superstitious too.

The warm sun was  high above the sky, and a gentle breeze was rolling through. It was a particuarly pleansant afternoon.
All four kitties were huddled around the fish pound, curiously peering in with hungry eyes.
"Mmm" mewed Sasha, "I can't wait to get my paws in that water and do some fishing!"
"Oh, it will be just glorious to have our first ever fishing experiance" meowed Ash.
"Do you think they see us, though?" Travler questioned. "I mean, considering we are, like, hovering right above them"
"Nonesense" growled Ash, "why, we are as invisable as the wind!"
Think about this: four  kitties, looking hungrily into a pound full of fish apear to be invisable.
For some reason Traveler just didn't buy that.
"Maybe we should try something else" mewed Sherlock, with a little fear in his voice, "I just don't think it would be safe to.. to.. risk our lives fishing. Who knows they could be dangerous!"
"Dangerous?" growled Sasha in dismay, "why, they are just a bunch of tasty little fish-perfectly harmless if ya ask me"
"Well you remember that saying about curiosity and the cat, don't you?"
"Oh that harmless saying? A dog must have made that one up! It's silly"
"Yeah" agreed Ash and Traveler, "its silly!"
"Well I'm staying back.. just incase!"
Meanwhile, Ash, Sasha and Traveler peered even closer into the pound, ignoring Sherlock's mews of wisdom.
"He's always soo 'saftey saftey' about nearly everything!" complained one of the kitties, "yeah, after all we are cats and it's just natural to want some fishing!"
"Well I don't mind a thing he says! Let's get fishing!" mewed the three.
And that's just what they did.
But the way they did it was quite a funny thing.
First off, Sasha carefully put one paw into the water, then another and finally just jumped right in-- scaring all the fish away and getting herself soaked and wet! Traveler joined in too, never minding how wet he got, and swam right after a fish, nearly catching it until it got away. Ash  finall came to the rescue and jumped right in too.
She saw a rather plump gold fish and slowly followed it about the pool.. then, without a moment's hesitation spang onto it and caught it between her paws! "I've got it! I've got it!" she mewed, "I caught a fish!"
Full of joy and excitment she swam to the edge of the pound and plopped it right onto the ground.
"I just had a feeling I would catch one! I just knew it." The other two were overflowing with joy as well.
"This will be tasty!" mewed Traveler, "I just can't wait.."
The next thing they knew, the fish was flapping  itself back and forth, sploshing water all over the kitties faces and finally jumped right into the water and swam off.
The kitties were shocked. "I cannot believe this happened." meowed Ash, "I was so happy about my first catch and now its just gone!" "How could this be?" mewed Traveler, "I just don't undestand."
"Well look on the bright side guys" mewed Sasha, "Atleast it's a warm day so we'll dry off fast!"
They all  shared a laugh. "I guess Sherlock was right afterall" they mewed, "next time we'll stick to meow mix".