Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Cat Club House Grand Opening

While Ash and Sherlock were busy putting gold streamers all over the cat club house that read "grand opeing--purrs!",
Jellybean and Traveler were going all over the neighborhood passing out kitty invites for Cat Club House: Grand Opening.
They were so happy to have new friends coming over and couldn't wait!
They went to every house on the block and talked to very single kitty they saw, spreading the news (or in this case 'mews'.) The cats they met were really happy and eager to come over "That's pawsome!" one cat named Silverpaw mewed, "what should I bring?" The kitties couldn't believe it-cats were offering to bring gifts! Now this was one happy surprise.
"Catnip would be nice" Jellybean mewed, "but anything's fine! Can't wait to see you there!"
"can't wait either!" Silverpaw mewed.
Next they met a cat named Rosy, a light gray kitty with dark blue eyes. She was freindly and offered to bring her homemade cat treats. She only lived a block away from the club house.
They met even more kitties who all wanted to come: Moonlight, Bluepaws, Caitlyn, Rosey May, Apache, Amelie, Lilypaws, Snickerdoodle, Pumpkins, Patsy Paws, Whisker-poo, and Cuddlemuffin.
They all showed up with gifts, cat toys, and homemade kitty treats and even some cat nip.
It was all warm purrs and friendly greetings as they were invited into the cat club house.
"We're so glad you could make it!" Sherlock purred, "Yes, it's purr-tastic to have you over and celebrate this with us!" Ash mewed to their new pals.
"We're glad to come!" The kitties purred, "now let's party!"
At that very instant, catnip confetti fell from the sky and landed in each kittie's paws!
"This is incrediable!" the kitties cheered, "amazing!" and all purred.
Ash and Traveler gave a sideways glance at each other, "good idea" Ash mewed."I knew it would work!" Traveler purred. All the kitties purred and danced and meowed their favorite songs.
It was wonderfully pawsome and the best grand opening ever! "I've got dibs on the catnip!" Jellybean purred.

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