Sunday, July 8, 2012

What have the Kitties been up to today?

Hey furr-friends, it's Sherlock, senior editor here at my very own feline-friendly blog: Weekly mews.
I came on here to meow out something most of you have been wondering yourself... what have the kitties been up to today?
Well, to be honest... we haven't really been "up to" anything.. at all. Yes, I know cats are known for always getting into mischief, and that is true for cats like Traveler (my pal), but with the days so hot and summer so warm, we just haven't had time for trouble.
Except Traveler, that is! Let me give you a taste of the trouble Traveler has been up to...

 Last night, for example, he jumped right onto mommy's head while she was sleeping and scared her half to death! Not to mention he clawed her,too! But no worries, he doesn't have very sharp claws so it really doesn't hurt. Although coming from most cats it usually does. And he didn't do it for 'meanness' as it may sound, he just did it because he's a cat and besides that fact he's also a very bored one who likes to surprise humans. Most of the time it's good surprises, but this time it was not. And I just stood by and watched (just like all cats would do).
Anyway, besides that, like I mentioned earlier: we have been doing nothing it seems like! And I mean nothing!
I guess because it's so hot out these days we haven't had time for anything fun.
No, don't get me wrong:I'm not saying we don't have time for fun, (because we are fun!) I'm saying that it's so hot out all we really want to do is sit around and relax.
So, that's what we have been doing! And honestly, compared to some of our feline friend's wild lives, it seems like nothing and feels like nothing.
So we decided to sit around and let the summer go by: rather watch the summer go by in the comfort of our feline-fantastic home.
And that's what we've been doing these days. But really it's not all that boring as some cats may think... actually it's rather refreshing!
We get  extra beauty sleep which is what all cats need, we get to sit around and relax and enjoy ourselves... and honestly that's about as great as it can get. I mean, this is coming from a cat. We enjoy ourselves quite often and assume naturally all others do and will. Just look at me! Total relaxation...

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