Sunday, July 1, 2012


The kitties were stuffed with catnip and I mean stuffed!
They had soo much that pretty soon they felt as if they could just grow wings and fly. And they were pretty happy, too. (Go figure)
Next thing they knew, they had settled in for one serious catnap. And when they woke up, they were in for a surprise!
"What in the world?" Ash mewed, "It's pitch black outside and there's a bunch of little bugs with yellow bright lights." "What's going on?" mewed Sherlock, "Are we seeing things?"
Sure enough, the kitties had come across some fireflies, and this was the first time they had ever sen one before. "We're not dreaming!" meowed Sasha, "I think these are fireflies!"
The kitties were amazed.  "These are fireflies" mewed Ash, "and I never thought we'd get the chance to se one" "This is incrediable!" meowed Traveler, "It's almost like fireworks!"
They were overcome with curiousity and joy as they watched the little bright bugs skipping around in the sky. "Let's catch one!" mewed Traveler, "It'll be fun!"
"I don't think so" Sherlock warned, "they're too fast for us." But they tried anyway.
It was quite a cute sight if you ever did see one. Four little kitties, with a gleam in their eyes, getting on their back paws and reaching up, trying to catch a firefly. It was funny!
But each time they got close to one, the firefly would just turn its light off. "This is impossible!" growled Ash, "everytime we get close to one they're gone!"
"I just don't get it" mewed Traveler, a little disappointed. "it's okay" mewed Sasha, "we'll catch one soon enough."
But it seemed impossible to catch something like this, until...
Traveler was sitting  down,  tail curled around his paws,admiring the fireflies. He was soo busy watching the light show that he forgot all about catching them.
Before he knew it, a firefly had perched right on his nose. He looked down, cross eyed, and let out a yowl of joy! "Guys" he whispered, "I have a firefly right on my nose!"
They all were too shocked to speak. "Amazing" mewed Sasha, "simply amazing".
Out of all cats, the firefly chose the most hyper one to perch on top of.

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