Sunday, July 1, 2012


 The kitties fell asleep in their cat beds and when they woke up there was a surprise: mommy had come home with yet more moving boxes.. and this time and big truck that said U-Haul in big bright orange letters.
"What's that?" Ash mewed, looking out of the window "Must be the truck to move all our stuff into our new place" Traveler suggested.
"Let's take a look" meowed Sasha, and the kitties jumped out of their cat beds and ran outside, exploring the new truck. "This is pretty cool" mewed Sherlock, "but I'm too scared to go inside"
"Yeah, it's too big!" meowed the others, "but it sure is a curious thing."
Before long, there were several 'moving guys' as Mommy called them, who were carring all their stuff into the big truck. The kitties stood back and watched, curious yet content to stay where they were and not explore the situation. "We're moving soon!" Mommy said, picking the kitties up and snuggling them close. They purred. "Are you guys ready to see the new place and do some exploring?" Mommy said. "you're gonna love it! It's huge!"
The kitties, overjoyed and bubbling with excitment at the idea of more adventures jumped right into the front seat of the moving truck and got behind the wheel! "Let's take off!" they mewed.
"But wait; we can't drive" Sherlock meowed."Oh yeah." Ash and Sasha mewed, "never mind."
Mommy picked them up and took them to their cat room before they could get into any more trouble.
"We're not going just yet!" She said. "First of all, we need to say good-bye to the old house."
Then the kitties realized something: they were going to miss their old home.

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