Monday, July 2, 2012

Glorious Garden

It was day: two since the kitties had first moved into their new house.They really didn't need to do any more exploring, since they had covered all of that the night before.
But for some reason Sherlock just couldn't help but wonder if they were missing out on something fun that they hadn't seen before. Anyway, in the mean time he didn't have time to worry about that: they were too busy with the new garden!
Incase you didn't know this, these kitties love and I mean love to garden! It was just their passion. Some cats like catnip ( okay, all cats love catnip ) others like to chase dogs, and for these kitties, gardening was their thing.
So when they realized the new house was already complete with a lovley garden, it was only natural for them to want to mix it up, and garden some more.
After all, summer seemed to be going to waste, and they needed something fun to do!
Yeah, I know that summer seems like a bad time to be doing some gardening, but for these kitties--it was the best time!
"Sherlock, would you pass me the Daylilies, please?" Ash mewed, "I'm going to plant them right here next to the Pansies." "Right after I finish up planting this Hollyhock". Sherlock mewed, "It's going to look just beauitful right here!"
The kitties were busy at work with their gardening--planting, digging, and planting some more.
Meanwhile, Sasha and Traveler headed over to the Flower Shop to pick up some flower potts.
"These ones look cute--they'd go perfect in our new garden!" Sasha meowed. "Yeah, I love the light blue with wisps of pink clouds design on this one" Traveler replied, signaling with his tail to the pretty pot displayed on the left. "I think it would look gorgeous with some Daises in it!"
The kitties loaded their paws with more flower seeds, gardening pots, and just about everything imaginable that would look cute in a garden.
At the end of the day, those cats had a furr-tastic garden to brag about!
But they had forgotten to plant one very important thing... the catnip!

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