Sunday, July 1, 2012

Catnip Kitties

The kitties shook themsleves off and took a long sunbath to get dry.
"Ahh", mewed Sasha, "how relaxing after that fish fiasco"
"Yes, there's nothing better than warm sun on our soft fur. "
"It's heaven!" meowed Ash
After the kitties were all nice and dry, they spent the rest of the afternoon in the flower field, smelling away!
"These flowers are beauitful" mewed Ash, "just beauitful!"
Suddenly one of them asked "Hey where's Sherlock?"
He was missing!
Okay not really. Actally Sherlock was perfectly nearby.
You see, while the 3 of them had their little fishing adventure, Sherlock was feeling rather left out.
"They never listen to anything I have to say!" he grumbled, "I'm just looking out for them and they think I'm ruining the fun!"
He decided he would find something fun to do for himself and began wandering off until he came upon garden with yet the most lovely flowers he had seen!
"They are sure missing out!'' he mewed.
But pretty soon he began to relaize that these weren't just flowers.. it was wild catnip!
"Oh my goodness!" he purred, "catnip!"
Before you knew it, Sherlock was rolling in the catnip and purring away happy as he could be!
He ate, and ate, and ate and ate and ate and ate... until finally he was stuffed with catnip and just fell asleep.
It wasn't long before the other kitties found out. "Look over here!" meowed Ash "there's Sherlock asleep!"
"What's he doing over there?" Sasha wondered... "and why is his mouth stuffed with..."
"Catnip!" they mewed, "He found catnip!"
And sure enough it was not long at all before they got their share.
"Wake up, Sherlock!" Sasha prodded him with her paw, "Let's party!"
And that is exactly what they did.

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