Sunday, July 1, 2012

Boxes and Boxes!

Mommy was gone. And the house was full of cardboard boxes, containing all of mommy's stuff.
The kitties couldn't believe it.
"What's going on?" mewed Sasha
"And what are all these boxes for?" Traveler mewed, peering inside of one "They look fun!"
The kitties carfully peered inside of the boxes, checking them out for saftey, and finally curiousity got the best of them.
Before long all the kitties were jumping in and out of the boxes, playing hide-and-seek.
They had a ton of fun with all of those boxes and boxes!
It wasn't until they read what was labled on the side of the boxes until they realized just what was going on.
"Moving?" Sherlock meowed, "Mommy brought a bunch of moving boxes?"
Yep, they were moving. The kitties got it. "Time to pack" Sherlock mewed, "Let's get started!"

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