Sunday, July 1, 2012

Somethin' Fishy

The cats had just come up with a great idea: They'd go fishing!

 Yeah, I know what you're thinking: if there's four cats and a pound full of fish, surely all the fishes would have been all gone by now, and why hadn't they thought of this idea before?! Think again.
Well, yes we all know cats love fish. Yes, we all know cats would do almost anything to catch one.
And its safe to say these kitties were planning on doing just that. The only problem is.. they had no idea how to catch a fish!
You see, although they had been adventuring out in the wild for some time, they were still pretty much domestic cats. And, well, superstitious too.

The warm sun was  high above the sky, and a gentle breeze was rolling through. It was a particuarly pleansant afternoon.
All four kitties were huddled around the fish pound, curiously peering in with hungry eyes.
"Mmm" mewed Sasha, "I can't wait to get my paws in that water and do some fishing!"
"Oh, it will be just glorious to have our first ever fishing experiance" meowed Ash.
"Do you think they see us, though?" Travler questioned. "I mean, considering we are, like, hovering right above them"
"Nonesense" growled Ash, "why, we are as invisable as the wind!"
Think about this: four  kitties, looking hungrily into a pound full of fish apear to be invisable.
For some reason Traveler just didn't buy that.
"Maybe we should try something else" mewed Sherlock, with a little fear in his voice, "I just don't think it would be safe to.. to.. risk our lives fishing. Who knows they could be dangerous!"
"Dangerous?" growled Sasha in dismay, "why, they are just a bunch of tasty little fish-perfectly harmless if ya ask me"
"Well you remember that saying about curiosity and the cat, don't you?"
"Oh that harmless saying? A dog must have made that one up! It's silly"
"Yeah" agreed Ash and Traveler, "its silly!"
"Well I'm staying back.. just incase!"
Meanwhile, Ash, Sasha and Traveler peered even closer into the pound, ignoring Sherlock's mews of wisdom.
"He's always soo 'saftey saftey' about nearly everything!" complained one of the kitties, "yeah, after all we are cats and it's just natural to want some fishing!"
"Well I don't mind a thing he says! Let's get fishing!" mewed the three.
And that's just what they did.
But the way they did it was quite a funny thing.
First off, Sasha carefully put one paw into the water, then another and finally just jumped right in-- scaring all the fish away and getting herself soaked and wet! Traveler joined in too, never minding how wet he got, and swam right after a fish, nearly catching it until it got away. Ash  finall came to the rescue and jumped right in too.
She saw a rather plump gold fish and slowly followed it about the pool.. then, without a moment's hesitation spang onto it and caught it between her paws! "I've got it! I've got it!" she mewed, "I caught a fish!"
Full of joy and excitment she swam to the edge of the pound and plopped it right onto the ground.
"I just had a feeling I would catch one! I just knew it." The other two were overflowing with joy as well.
"This will be tasty!" mewed Traveler, "I just can't wait.."
The next thing they knew, the fish was flapping  itself back and forth, sploshing water all over the kitties faces and finally jumped right into the water and swam off.
The kitties were shocked. "I cannot believe this happened." meowed Ash, "I was so happy about my first catch and now its just gone!" "How could this be?" mewed Traveler, "I just don't undestand."
"Well look on the bright side guys" mewed Sasha, "Atleast it's a warm day so we'll dry off fast!"
They all  shared a laugh. "I guess Sherlock was right afterall" they mewed, "next time we'll stick to meow mix".

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