Traveler's Story

One day, our gray kitty Ash was looking rather plump in the tummy area. We thought maybe we has given her too many treaties, but as time passed we realized that she was expecting a litter of kittens! A few months later and soon Traveler and his litter mates came into this world,on  the peaceful summer night of June 28, 2011. 

They were all so cute and tiny as they snuggled close to their Mommy's belly and mewled for more milk. We were amazed at how fast they began to grow, and watched as the proud mama did her best (as a first-time mom) to take care of them. We watched as they took their first paw steps, went to the litter box all by themselves, and grew up into fine, independent kittens. They all had their cute kitty habits, especially the tabby, whom we had started calling "Traveler" because at only a few days old we found him trying to paw-step the stair case! From then on we had to move Ash and her litter to their very own room (where there were no stairs in sight.)
We were so proud of Ash as she mothered her first kittens, but at the same time we knew that when the kittens were weaned and did not need her help anymore, it was time to get Ash fixed.
We know there are so many cats in the shelters and on the streets and we did not want to contribute to that sad fact, so we did what we could and got Ash fixed and soon tried finding forever homes for the sweet angel kittens we loved so much.
 Soon we had loving forever homes lined up for  almost every kitten  and the new guardians had agreed to get them fixed. We knew they were going to good homes, so our hearts were happy, but we missed them very much. 

Traveler as kitten
There was one kitten left that no one had wanted, and we then knew that this kitten was meant for us.  As time passed, we noticed that Traveler was having trouble walking around as much as he used to. When we talked with the vet we found out that Traveler was a special needs kitten that needed extra love and attention because of his disability. He had trouble communicating sometimes and sometimes acted as if he could not hear.

But that did NOT stop us from loving him even more! He is loved no matter what, and he may be a special needs kitten (or now cat) but he is our cat and we love him very much.

There is no such thing as an 'un-wanted'cat. All cats deserve the same love and affection as any other animal, no matter how they look or if they are not 'the cutest' because that is another myth. All cats are cute! All cats deserve love! And there is no such thing as a 'less' adoptable pet. 
Today Traveler is two years old and we love him with all our hearts. He is a sweet and playful cat who craves the most attention and has fun playing with his 'string'.
He lives with his mom Ash and his human, Kat. He has a timid yet fun to play with uncle Sherlock.