Sunday, April 22, 2012

Prologue: Night Prowlers

 Dark  black clouds swayed across the deep blue moon, silhouetted against the starry night sky.
It was night fall and  the air was vibrating with excitement as all the creatures ventured out of their homes to prowl about the night--seeking out what mystery may be waiting.

 June bugs buzzed, squirrels jumped to and fro chestnut trees, and the fireflies provided light for the dark path that lay ahead. 

 Sherlock gazed out his window. It seemed spooky out there. Trees swayed by the ominous breeze, bugs and other creatures crawled about, a dark figure lurked in to shadows.  But yet he felt an intense desire to venture out and see what the night had in store. The idea of prowling about the night--making new friends, discovering new things--entranced him. He had to discover what was out there. He had to find out now.

     His street smart cat pals were always exhilarating him with wild stories of their deep, risky night adventures: The time they almost caught a squirrel, were chased after by a dog, a human spotted them and (almost!) captured them. These events sounded fun and exciting, with an element of dangerous adventure. He wanted to be a a part of it. He was tired of being  stuck inside his house, looked after by his humans, and never earning the privilege of getting a taste of the real world: life on the line, fending for himself, embarking on dangerous expeditions. The thought itself  had him worked up already! It was the life every cat dreamed of!

  Taking a deep breath, he climbed out of his cat tree and made one proud leap onto the window seal. Unsheathing his claw, he dug a deep scratch on the screen, causing it to give in and collapse.  Gazing over his shoulder to make sure his pals had not noticed his "escape", he then slide out of the window and into night.  It was time to discover the secrets and fun of  what his lion ancestors experienced: The hunt, the freedom, the excitement.

                                           It is time to embrace the inner-feline wildcat.

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