Friday, August 31, 2012

Traveler's Nippy Surprise

 Mom comes in with a box that holds a surprise...

Mom, what are you holding in your hands?

OMC!!! It's a box!! Did you know about this?

Going in to investigate...

Guess what I found?


*Licking lips* That was some good stuff!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

Relaxing in my favourite  cozy spot until.....I see someone!

Oh, it's you. my HUMAN.. Sheesh! Don't you see I'm trying to take it easy over here? Okay, fine, you may approach me. But NO pictures, please!

I said NO pictures. Great. Pictures. See how thrilled I am at this. I thought I was the one who is in control.

Don't I look like I'm enjoying myself here? How I  do love the  pictures.
 Wait, I still am in control. I always have been. I'm a cat, remember? Hey, down there looks like an
inviting spot to get way from the camera.
I'm so sneaky she won't even notice me!
Get ready!

I'm gonna jump!

Here I go! I'm gonna do this! Keep your eyes on the prize.... Wait--I have second thoughts about this.
Maybe she left and I don't really have to  jump cause this spot is kinda cozy.

AHHHHH!!!! You're back again!!! How could you possibly have been so sneaky and watch me when I was about to jump?
You better not have taken any pictures of this.
*Sigh* Maybe one day I'll live in a camera free world.


Monday, August 27, 2012

Mancat Monday

This is MY bloggie, and just so efurrybuddy knows, a few un-named culprits have got the nerve to actually (take it over) while I've been taking a cat nap! Can you believe my surprise when I see that they've attempted to take the spotlight?! Hmph!

Nevertheless, because of my forgiving heart, I will allow them to continue to blog because I know how much they enjoy it. Just because I care I allow them. See how generous I am? Happy Mancat Monday!


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Remembering Dear Miss Peach

Miss Peach was a loving and sweet kitty, cherished and loved by all.
 Last year, dear Miss Peach crossed over to the rainbow bridge.
She was loved by all, and will live on in our kitty hearts foever and ever.
Dear Miss Peach, we <3 you!
You will live on in our hearts forever.

I send a special purr of love to the dear family and furr-friends of Miss Peach. *Hugs*

                       We love you, Miss Peach!

Enjoy a beauitiful tea party with dear Miss Peach at her forever cottage:

Kitty's Garden Cat Grass for Indoor Cats -

Hai, Furr-friends, Traveler here with some exciting mews!!! <3
I just made my very own Wish List, thanks to the pawsome Baby Patches at
Nip and Bones! And......
this is one of the top items that I wish to have!
Being a family of indoor cats, our exploring has been, well, sort of limited (as far as real live grass goes.)
And I would love to have this one! It's what I have always wanted! <3

Kitty's Garden Cat Grass for Indoor Cats -

Monday, August 13, 2012

Mancat Monday

Hi Furrfriends, Traveler here! I have taken over the blog for now with some important news! It is Mancat Monday, and guess what we (I) have been doing all moring?
I have been defending my  territory all day long from the barkers next door.
But I have one thing to admit. Considering I am an indoor cat, my dog patrol is a little limited for today.
Plus I'm getting bored with all this doggy stuff (I'm a cat,remember?)

In the mean time, I have found some comfy pj's to lie on. They are my favourie color too and camouflage me really well. Did you notice?

Let me know if you spot the dog though.
I will assume my position as dog watcher just in case.

Peekin' Around

Where's that dog? He's been barking all day and night and won't stop! We've been on duty as  kitty detectives peekin' around... Let us know if you spot him! We'll be on watch!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Feline Friday

I am a handsome cat, yes I am!
Gaze into my beauitful green
The ladyz luv this look <3


Thursday, August 9, 2012


Hey everybuddy, it's Traveler and I'm taking over the blog for nows..... look at me--I'm dancing!!!

 You might wonder where I came up with this move (I made it up, that's where!) and it's purr-fectly original, I call it: Olympic Cat Paw -Paw (instead of pom-pom) dance.

This is my very own Olympics dance and I think it's so good, why, who knows? Maybe I'll be able to even be able to get into the Olympics with this gig. Honestly! Isn't it cute beyond reason?
Why, I think so.

Anyway, mama caught me off guard while I was dancin' away and then before I knew it she snapped the picture so I had no choice but to blog it first before she face booked it.

And guess what? I won.
As usual.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Warm and wet

 These days, the weather here has been beyond believable HOT! So hot that mama has been keeping the air conditioning on FULL BLAST... and I've purr-sonally found this an advantage.

 As we all know, us cats are curious.
Very curious.
And, you see, curiosity tends to sometimes just get the best of me. I'm positively sure this is normal,since, well, I'm a cat. And that is normal. I mean, what cat has ever not been curious? It's just abnormal.
 But mama has a different view. An entirely different view.
No,no, don't get me wrong or anything, she knows that us cats are curious (it's in our veins) and she knows that there's no excuse for a cat not being curious, and that you really can't blame a cat (like me) for my intense curiosity.
But all the same, she still feels that there are some things I need to watch out for.. or rather she needs to prevent me from doing.
Like, say, jump up and try to claw the ceiling fan  or look out the window when there's lightning or thunder. (Purr-sonally, I'm scared of lighting and thunder, but it kind of entertainers me on really boring hot days. Like this past whole summer).

 And, with me being a cat, she's found that a challenge. I mean who ever in the history of cat guardians dared to.. dare I meow it.. (t-e-l-l  their c-a-t  w-h-a-t  to  d-o.) I mean, you just don't. Unless you're crazy. No, I take that back, even crazy humans know better than that. So it's getting me to start to think...

 Anyway, enough of that.
As I was meowing, mama feels that there's certain things that are not okay for me to do, and with her being my mama, she feels that it's up to her to stop me (to keep me safe).
I appreciate mama watching out for me but she's gotta realize that I'm a cat and I make my own set of rules and such.
Well, that didn't work out too well. She still tries to tell me what to do (when will she ever learn?).

In the meantime, I'm going back to taking a nap. It's terribly hot outside and my paws are getting tired of typing. Plus, mama needs to give me a little tummy rub.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Hi Furrfriends, it's Traveler takin' over the blog for nows...
Don't I look adorable in these pics? The last one is of me sneaking into the cupboard.. but don't worry, mummy picked me up and put me down 'cause she says too much curiosity isn't good for a cat. I wonder why? Purrsonally, I disagree with her thought entirely, but then again she is hoomin so I can't blame her for everything! They aren't perfect after all. But we cats are!

Look who's peeking around the corner?


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wordless Wendsday

Sherlock deep in thought.
A mew of wisdom from my dearest xoxo
~Sherlock the cat
Mommy loves you!

Funny Traveler

Just tooo cute--couldn't resist!
Conclusion: don't  accidently wake up your cats during their afternoon snooze.

Catnip Trip


Today I shall  sit and peek around the corner.