Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wordless Wendsday

Sherlock deep in thought.
A mew of wisdom from my dearest xoxo
~Sherlock the cat
Mommy loves you!


  1. Thanks for visiting me! I'll have to add you to MY list, now!
    My blog started out to be Ifat Violet, a 3 column blog template from
    It was tweeked and changed by Ann from Zoolatry. I kept the header, she added the lettering and picture and changed the rest of the blog. Whew! Header was pg 87 on the 3 column templates. Ann does a lot of very beautiful work. Her rates are not bad at all. Right now you would have to check with her as to if she is taking new clients. There is illness in her family. But a lot of blogs are beautiful because of Ann!

  2. I'm sorry to hear she's not feeling well! I'll keep her in my prayers for sure.
    I would love it if she could design a banner for my kitties, when she's feelng better if she's taking new clients then it would be wonderful! Let me know the rates..
    glad we are friends :) Purrs!
    PS I agree a lot of blogs are beautiful because of Ann!

  3. I wil ask her the rates and hopefully she can do my blog as well :)
    Your blog is very beauitful and I enjoy reading it! Keep in touch :)

  4. Hi there ~ it's Ann from Zoolatry (along with my kitties, Maggy and Zoey)... we can certainly work on your blog for you if you'd want; either a header, or a blog makeover. If you would
    email me, we can discuss the details and all ... Thanks!

    zoolatry (at) gmail (dot) com

    1. I will send you an e-mail right away! I'm gald to be in contact with you-- you create beauitful blogs! :)

  5. Mieow Sherlock,
    Nice to meet you ,
    Fankz fur vizitin us and "followin"
    we'z on vacation,,, well da beanz are ^..^ but we be back soon ^.,^ We "follow" back. Purrz~ ♥♥xoxo♥♥

    1. Nice to meet you, too! Glad to make new furrfriends and pals! Keep in touch :)


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