Monday, March 11, 2013

Sherlock and Watson

Hi guys! It has been forvever since I've had time to jog to our local library and check my e-mail, most imporatantly update you on the kitties. So I have an update for you at last! I was able to contact the shelter they are at, and was able to talk to a person who claims that they still have Sherlock but they have changed Traveler's name to Watson. Anyway, they are in the no-kill divison of the shelter and they are still up for adoption but have not been listed yet on the web page:
Thank you all so much for your e-mails, posts and all you have done to help us get through this. It really means SO much to us.
I was able to talk with Oui Oui's Mom Paula, on Sunday, and she is such a kind hearted and wonderful person. We had a great chat and it was great to talk to someone who understands what we're going through and she is so willing to help (like all of you guys!). She is contacting the helpline, a free service that will allow her to talk to lawyers who can help us see where we stand legally and if what our landlady is doing is even legal. Since we live in a house and not an apartment, our next door neighbour has her own lease and the terms could be different from ours which is why she could be allowed to have her cats. While I don't know the exact terms of our next door neighbor's lease I do know that, from my understanding, she isn't really supposed to have cats either. In fact, it seems more or less like a bribe to me ( I could be wrong ), because she's known our landlady for a long time, it seems like she's just allowing her to keep her cats anyway. That seems unfair to me.. what do you think? I mean, the landlady knows she has cats and seems okay with it, but when it comes to us that's a different story. Okay, I'm getting a headache talking about all this unfairness but I haven't gotten to the rest yet. I think I will just ask our neighbor if she's allowed to have her cats or not to get a straight and clear idea.
Anyway, while I was talking with Paula yesterday she made a great suggestion. It would be a good idea to bring up to our landlady paying a deposit in order to keep the cats. It's a win-win situation: she will be ensured that the house stayes in good condition and any damages made by the cats while we are living there (which I'm sure would be minor damages) would be payed for.
My dad brought the idea up but our landlady seems very opposed and I'm getting really upset when I think about how unfair our landlady is being.
The up side is that our lease expires in June or July so we're looking around for places that accept cats. I haven't come across anything yet but June is a while from now so you never know what luck we might have. Realistically though, moving will be something that we will have to think about. Our income at the moment and my dad's new job sounds like we may have no choice but to stay living in the house we're renting. There is some hope though. I thought about it, and while our landlady doesn't allow any INSIDE pets in the home, it got me thinking that the cats could become "outside" cats. I thought, and thought and really thought about it all night long yesterday but came to the conclusion that it may not be such a great idea after all. I'm mostly concerned about the level of traffic in this particular area and the numbers of cars that speed by are frequent. Plus, Sherlock and Traveler have always been inside cats and it would take a lot of adjustment for them to get used to.
The last thing I want to point out is that they still haven't been adopted. I feel so sad when I think of my babies locked up in a cage waiting for Mommy to come take them home. We're thinking about paying a visit to the shelter later on and visiting them (I will take pictures for sure!)

Please forgive me for not visiting anyone yet. My computer time is running out and I need to get back home but I will try and visit as may of you as I can the next time I get a chance.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Small Update on Sherlock and Traveler

I want to thank you all so much for the caring words and love and support we have received from the pet blogging community. This has been very heartbreaking for our family and we truly appreciate you all for helping us get through this. Thank you for all of your suggestions, they are very helpful.
Thank you for everything you are doing to help us get through this.

 I have been trying to contact the no-kill shelter they are in to find out if they have been adopted yet or not but no luck.. I will have to keep calling until someone answers (they seem to be very busy). I'm looking for their website because I know that they list the cats up for adoption and that's one way I could see if they have been adopted yet or not.
We talked to a person who worked at the shelter and they said that the cats will be safe, but on terms of us adopting them back we would have to either move to another home that allows cats or have our landlady sign her 'permission' before we'd ever get a chance to adopt them back. Our lease expires in June but we would need to collect the funds to move so keep your fingers crossed! There are not many homes now for rent that allow inside pets but we will have to keep praying for the best, because in the end God works all things out for the best.
Oui Oui, thank you for your suggestion. I will e-mail you defiantly! Thank you Smokey for your Tweets, we appreciate it! Thank you all again for your prayers, I will keep you posted.
PS as you may know, the kitties were featured om PBU'S website in February. I'm preparing a post for that, although I may be shedding some tears..
If you need to e-mail me, my e-mail is catgirlkathleen AT gmail DOT com