Sunday, May 19, 2013

Easy Like Sunday

Before I begin this post, I'd like to start by saying "Happy belated Mother's Day" to all of you awesome Mom's, adoptive mom's  grand-ma's, cat mom's  and all the moms around the world. Without you, there would be no us.
Now, time for the Easy Sunday postie!

Earier last month, Dad and I went to a Cat show in Oklahoma City, sponsored by the Animal Resource Center.  We had the best time meeting amazing  and absolutely beautiful kitties, a few of which were up for adoption. And to be surrounded by cats...It was a cat person's heaven! I met a lady from on of the local no-kill cat shelters. I even got a T-shirt! (will post pics of that later to come...)

The only downside is that there were so many cats I didn't remember all of their names. (Oops!) And, we forgot to bring our camera (say what?!) but no worries, we have pics from dad's android. Not the most incredible quality, but still. Okay, are you ready?
This one is absolutely gorgeous, and reminds us of one of our pals from the CB. Can you guess who?

Okay, this guy just kept turing his head.Then he licked his lips. Too bad I didn't have some extra Tempies on hand MOL...I finally got his picture (yes!) but forgive me that it's on the blurry side.

     This guy has the funniest expression on his face (and he was the sweetest! So was his mom and daddy)

  The Norwegian Forest babies were one of my favourites....

Look at all the ribbons this kitty won! A good day's rest after all her hard work.

 I met these two sisters towards the end of the show. They are angles!

            I also met this sweetheart Russian blue. He is gorgeous!

This guy is from one of the Shelters that had booths set up there. I got his picture, and he is a cutie pie

We met  a LOT more kitties, but for I'll save the rest for next time's postie.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Cinco De Meow-o

Ash and I are back at last, we have not blogged forever and miss all our pals from the CB so much. It feels good to be back and do a blog post at last (I can't believe we missed Easter).

Everyone, the TCC is having a party for Cinco De Mayo and everyone is invited so please join!