Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A little Exploring

The kitties had a fun time exploring.
There was soft, long grass which they loved to roll in. Flower  patches here and there for them to admire.
A large, sturdy oak tree served as protection in case harsh weather could occur ( which never did, because this was kitty heaven, and peace was surrounding it all!).
Finally, there was a fish pound and they all had a nice time watching the fish swim ( although none of them ever did get the courage to catch one.)
In the end, it was just what they had wanted.

The Meadow

"Oh my goodness--this is better than what I dreamed of!"
All the kitties stared in awe as they found themselves atop a calm, grassy hill, overlooking a peaceful meadow. "There's a small pound, plenty of grass, some flowers here and there.." Ash mewed.
"And look--" Trav interrupted, "an oak tree for shelter to sleep under! This is simply  wonderful".
"It truly is,"meowed Sherlock,"better than we thought."
Sasha, Ash, Trav and Sherlock sat on top of the hill, gazing at the beautiful meadow before them. They were amazed.
After many long minutes of admiration, Trav meowed "Let's explore our new spot!" and all four kitties bounded down the hill, into their haven.

Talking it over

The kitties spent the next 5 nights in the lovely flower field. It was peaceful and clam, with butterflies perched upon roses and the cats surrounded by sunflowers and oh, how beautiful was the smell of lilacs!
But in the end, they still had an inclination to go exploring.

"Its like heaven here" purred Ash, "I could sleep here all day and night"
"This does make a purr-fect place for sun naps!" commented Sasha, who was soaking in the sun, relaxing.
"We all seem a bit too drowsy, and if we are going to get back home soon, we need to pick a better spot. A spot where there is both peace, but also excitement to keep our paws busy" decided Sherlock, who was fluffing himself out to feel more "energized" for the planned adventure ahead.
"But its so wonderful" argued Trav, who was having a hard time leaving the flower patch he was sitting on.
"True, but if we spend all our time here and not enough in other places... well, we will  just be four sleepy kitties" Sasha meowed. "And besides, who says we can't come back?"
 "Yeah," Sherlock mewed,"we can always visit.. just not spend our whole time here" Sherlock finished.
"Then let's get moving, and find a new spot to visit!" they all meowed.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Flower Power

After the whole episode of "dangerous squirrel" blew over, the cats resumed their fun day by "taking time to smell the roses".
They found themselves in a field full of flowers and all four kitties were sniffing away!
"These smell so wonder full!" meowed Sasha,"like goodness on petals"
"Oh and beauitful too" mewed Ash, who was smelling a lilac.
"I could spend the rest of my life here!" Sherlock meowed, sniffing a rose and surrounded by wildflowers.
"And they taste great,too!" mewed Trav who was nibbling on a yellow flower.
 "Taste good? Travler are you--" Sasha gasped! "Travler, you don't eat the flowers, you smell them!"
"MOL (meow out loud) you are funny, Trav! Good thing they aren't bad for you."
"Yeah, next thing you know you will be not only smelling like one, but you will be one!" Sherlock meowed.
They all shared a laugh.

Then they  made a wish
"To us: The 4 fun kitties!" and they all purred.
"Look!" meowed Ash, "How beauitful".
And they all watched in awe as a butterfly perched atop a blossum. "What a day" they purred. "What a purrfect day"

The Squirrel

As you all know, Traveler, had never once been outside before this. He had always always ALWAYS been an in-door cat and that was just the he liked it. Of course that was until he went on this adventure with his purry pals and discovered just how fun the outdoors really were. Now he called himself a semi-outdoor cat.
As indoor ( or semi-outdoor ) cats go, chances are..well.. they haven't ever seen a squirrel.
Yes, they've heard of them. Yes they have bragged about chasing one down. But they're never really encountered one face-to-face. Until today.
"Oh,that." Sasha meowed coolly, "Is a common squirrel."
"It won't bite ya" mewed Sherlock "we saw many on our last adventure. They're perfectly harmless"
Even after Sherlock and Sasha's encouraging words, Trav still couldn't stop shaking. "Can we go the other way? As in around and away from the squirrel?!"
"Trav" mewed Ash, "Its not going to get ya. Now come on, we're wasting time!"
Just then, the squirrel landed with a plop right smack dab in front of them!
"OMC!!( hint: Omg only with "cat" instead of "gosh" )! I told you guys it was dangerous!! Its going to get us!!!" Trav was frantic!
"Stay calm. Don't move. And everything will be OK" Ash meowed.
All 4 kitties sat motionless in front of the squirrel.
Yes, I know what's going through your head: this is crazy! the cats should have eaten the squirrel--the squirrel should be the one scarred, not the cats! but you have to realize that the cats actually haven't really caught a squirrel in their life ( although they like to brag about doing so.)
"Don't move." Sasha mewed through a gritted teeth.
They didn't move.
The squirrel left and all was calm.
Until next thing you know all 4 cats burst out laughing!
"can't believe how scared you were!" they meowed to one another, "we actually fell  for that squirrel!"
The cats stood in the middle of the orest, meowing and purring like crazy!
"That was funny!" they purred. "Now let's get on with our adventure! Flowers here we come"

An unexpected Visitor

Four kitties: Sasha, Sherlock, Ash and Trav, were all curled up snuggled asleep underneath a fern tree. They were taking a break from their outdoor adventure, which was totally PAWSOME!!!  They did SO much fun stuff ( explored the forest, climbed a tree ( almost ), saw sights, smelled exciting smells, drank from a river, yes a RIVER ( but don't worry it was actually a stream and they did not drown ) and even climbed a tree. ) Now they were taking it easy.
Warm sunlight stroked their pelts and Trav was the first to wake up with a yawn. He stretched his paws out and blinked in the afternoon sunlight then sat up and began grooming himself.
Ash,who was curled up asleep next to him, woke up with a spring in her paw "That was a purrfect cat nap-but now its time for some more fun!"
"Hey there, Ash what's gotten into you? The once refined kitty cat has turned tail and now is an adventure cat!"  Sasha meowed. Ash,embarrassed by her loud meow of excitement her whiskers blushed, "Who says I can't enjoy the day?" she purred, "Why, I'm having just as entitled to having fun as the rest of you!"
"It's good to finally see ya perking up and enjoying the pawsome day, then" replied Sasha.
*Yawn* "You guys' meowing woke me up and I was just enjoying a lovely cat nap!" growled Sherlock.
"Oh, its OK. I needed to wake up sometime anyway!" He meowed, not wanting to sound so harsh. "Now let's get going and have some more fun!" They all got up and were headed back down towards the bridge when Trav stopped right in his tracks.
"W-w-w-what's t-t-that??" He stuttered, eyes wide in fright.
Looking right at him was a....

Daytime Playtime!

The kitties were all really excited! I mean really really excited!
Of course Trav and Ash had never ( ever ) set paw outside before so this was going to be a purrfect adventure full of fun and pawsome exploring!
As for the other two, well, Sherlock and Sasha had already had their fun exploring the outside so it was all old news to them except that deep down inside they couldn't wait to start the adventures all over again and have their newbie pal there to join them.
It was all purrs and excitement that day and all cats were ready to have some fun and play!
"Where should we go first?" meowed an excited Trav who was jumping up and down all happy.
"How about a gentle cruise through the woods?" meowed Sasha, who was calm and confident yet super excited as well "yeah," meowed Sherlock, "we could show you two all around the woods and forest--it would be pawsome!"
"Then let's go!" meowed all 4 kitties, even Ash who was also very happy yet not quite as "jumpy" as Trav ( she was the refined type.) Here's what they did: First the kitties ( all 4 of them ) took a "gentle cruise" down the winding path of the woods. It was peaceful and calm and Trav couldn't help but find himself bubbling with joy as he spotted a bird ( although he didn't catch it ) and was surrounded by all these trees! Ash even found herself excited. "wow!" meowed Ash "this is beautiful. I can't believe how much we missed by being indoor cats." "Now we're semi-indoor cats" mewed Trav "which means we can get both the fun and adventure of outdoor cat living while still having a comfy cat bed to curl up in at bedtime". They all purred in agreement.
The woods
Next, the kitties found themselves on a winding path in the woods. Before long, the birds were singing, the sun was bright, and they were on a hike!
Winding Path
"This is fun!" meowed Ash, who was enjoying her leisurely stroll down the winding path. "So calm, so peaceful.." "and so jungle-like" finished Trav.
They hiked and hiked and my catnip did they hike! until finally they decided to stop and take a breather.
"whew" meowed Sherlock, "am I pooped!" "Me, too" mewed Sasha "we sure did a lot of paw-walking. Boy, does this count for exercise!"
They hiked an unbelievable...
Pretty soon, after the cats had their stop and took a break, they headed down the trail.
"I'm getting thirsty!" grumbled Trav "Let's stop for a drink!" All the cats meowed in agreement. "I'm almost sure there's a bridge not far from here we could paw to. There's a stream right under it!" Sasha announced "First one there is a catnip addict!"


They reached the bridge and carefully pawed over to the other side. They climbed down some rocks and landed paws-first on a grassy flatland with a small stream next to it. "Mmm" purred Sasha,"The smell of fresh fish in the morning!" Sure enough, there were several swift,slick fish swimming about in the stream below but neither cat caught one. They finished their drinks in several swift gulps and headed back down the trail.
By now it was noon and the sun was up above shinning bright down on 4 little kitties. They took a pit-stop off the trail and sat under the shade of a fern tree.
"Boy, has this been a pawsome day!" mewed Trav, "I never guessed the outdoors would be such an adventure!" "But it certainly is one we will remember" purred Ash. "We're happy you both have enjoyed it so far!" Sasha meowed in reply for both herself and Sherlock ( who was, guess what? taking a sun nap as usual ). "But best of all," finished Sasha, "I'm glad I've met you two to share this fun with! You guys are the best pal a cat could meow for!" They all purred and cuddled up next to each other, letting the  pleasant afternoon go by.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Semi-outdoor Cats

Sasha decided.
She loved the comfortable lifestyle of indoor cats, but also longed for the fun and adventure she once had. And it would be nice to give the other cats a taste too.
Who says they had to be just indoor cats? Why couldn't they be both?
Many cats did it, they had one paw in outdoor adventure, the other in comfortable indoor luxury. The idea stuck, and before long she came to a decision.

 "Guys!" meowed Sasha "I've a pawsome idea! You all have been asking and asking about what it feels like to be an outdoor cat, and I've told you all about it. I can tell you'd love to experience "life on the line" like Sherlock did, catching your first prey, climbing your first tree, sleeping under the stars on a blanket of grass. It's all so beautiful, so fun, so feline that I've decided to make it a reality for you!"

"Seriously?" all 3 cats chorused, followed by meows of joy "this'll be totally pawsome!"

After the meows of excitement died down, Travler asked "but what about indoor living? will we be outdoor cats for life?"

"No. You will have one paw in luxury and the other in wildcat excitement. We'll be semi-outdoor cats!"

Here's how it went......

Curious Kitties

  Sasha ( the once feral cat and now refined indoor kitty ) had chosen the path of indoor feline life, abandoning her former outdoor cat lifestyle. She decided this when she met Sherlock, a timid indoor kitty who's  wild dreams of becoming a "adventurous cat" had almost become a reality until he discovered he preferred his food given to him in a bowl rather than hunting for it. They met by accident but soon became fast friends and had many memories to share. Sasha took Sherlock under her whiskers ( not "wing" because there's no such thing as flying cats ) and taught him the ropes of outdoor living until he became a pro at hunting. But pretty soon he decided he missed his comfy cat bed and decided to go back home, while Sasha too had an inclination to do something new and try out the indoor cat way of life.

So they journeyed back home, and found themselves in love with air conditioning, meow mix, and cat beds ( not to mention the luxury of using a litter box ) and henceforth decided they would become indoor cats for life. Until.....

 The bright June morning promised sunshine and cat naps, and all 4 kitties were enjoying it.
Sasha found herself at home, and realized she really did fit in. Travler and Ash were pleased to have a new pal, and Sherlock was content with how things were going.
They were settling down for a nap just after their first meal, when Travler unexpectedly asked Sasha a question.

"Sasha, how does it feel to hunt?" Travler had never once in his whole life hunted, he was used to his meal brought to him in a bowl.

"Why, I thought you would never ask" Sasha replied casually, although in reality she was not at all prepared for the question, considering she'd never been asked that before. " It feels like you are out in the jungle-- a real tiger or lion-- and the idea of being a real wild cat is incredible." She spoke half to herself, reminiscing and for a split second wished she was back there hunting in the wild again.
" Then why did you choose to become an indoor cat?"
"Because indoor cats have it better-- a warm bed, food brought to you in a clean bowl, and  litter box, something nature does not provide."
  "But don't you miss "the outdoor-life on the line wild cat" adventure?"
"Well yeah, maybe just a little, but this is much more safer. All cats dream of adventure, but when you get to my age its time to settle down, relax and retire to the comfortable way of living."
  Ash was sitting on the cat tree nearby, casually listening in to their conversation.
She joined in too. "I've heard from many ferrel's that there's something "magical" about sleeping under the stars" she let out a small yawn, rolled over, and continued, " is that so?"
 "Compared to a pale ceiling, yes. Nature is oh so wonderful and inviting. You truly feel like a wildcat once you sleep under the stars and witness earth being bathed in moonlight. It's terrific!"
 "What about climbing a tree--is it scary?"
Pretty soon all the cats ( except for Sherlock who was taking a long cat nap ) were asking Sasha about outdoor life and how it felt to "sleep under the stars" or "have your first catch". Common questions were asked ( considering its coming from pampered indoor kitties ) and with each one Sasha replied coolly, with a glint of amusement and foundness in her eyes.

 It was clear that these kitties wanted to experience what outdoor cats did, and it was obvious Sasha wanted to stay an indoor kitty for life.
But yet a faint feeling of want came into Sasha, and for a few seconds she actually missed what she had back in the wild.
Then a thought came to mind who says I can't have it back and these indoor kitties couldn't become outdoor kitties? The thought stayed in her mind all day long.

Sasha Settles In

It had been a week or so since Sasha had moved in with the other cats.

 At first she was uneasy about the idea, but at the end of the day she felt like family. All the cats welcomed her with warm purrs and friendly meows, and soon she didn't even miss her ferral cat ways.

 True, she missed the excitment of hunting, but hey-- getting food delivered right to your door in a silver cat food bowl without having to lift a paw-- is truley the life!
And at the end of the day, there was nothing better than snuggling into a warm, comfy cat bed.
She was surrounded by friends, and fun ( not to mention her very own cat bed ) and she truley felt at home.