Sunday, June 3, 2012

Semi-outdoor Cats

Sasha decided.
She loved the comfortable lifestyle of indoor cats, but also longed for the fun and adventure she once had. And it would be nice to give the other cats a taste too.
Who says they had to be just indoor cats? Why couldn't they be both?
Many cats did it, they had one paw in outdoor adventure, the other in comfortable indoor luxury. The idea stuck, and before long she came to a decision.

 "Guys!" meowed Sasha "I've a pawsome idea! You all have been asking and asking about what it feels like to be an outdoor cat, and I've told you all about it. I can tell you'd love to experience "life on the line" like Sherlock did, catching your first prey, climbing your first tree, sleeping under the stars on a blanket of grass. It's all so beautiful, so fun, so feline that I've decided to make it a reality for you!"

"Seriously?" all 3 cats chorused, followed by meows of joy "this'll be totally pawsome!"

After the meows of excitement died down, Travler asked "but what about indoor living? will we be outdoor cats for life?"

"No. You will have one paw in luxury and the other in wildcat excitement. We'll be semi-outdoor cats!"

Here's how it went......

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