Sunday, June 10, 2012

Daytime Playtime!

The kitties were all really excited! I mean really really excited!
Of course Trav and Ash had never ( ever ) set paw outside before so this was going to be a purrfect adventure full of fun and pawsome exploring!
As for the other two, well, Sherlock and Sasha had already had their fun exploring the outside so it was all old news to them except that deep down inside they couldn't wait to start the adventures all over again and have their newbie pal there to join them.
It was all purrs and excitement that day and all cats were ready to have some fun and play!
"Where should we go first?" meowed an excited Trav who was jumping up and down all happy.
"How about a gentle cruise through the woods?" meowed Sasha, who was calm and confident yet super excited as well "yeah," meowed Sherlock, "we could show you two all around the woods and forest--it would be pawsome!"
"Then let's go!" meowed all 4 kitties, even Ash who was also very happy yet not quite as "jumpy" as Trav ( she was the refined type.) Here's what they did: First the kitties ( all 4 of them ) took a "gentle cruise" down the winding path of the woods. It was peaceful and calm and Trav couldn't help but find himself bubbling with joy as he spotted a bird ( although he didn't catch it ) and was surrounded by all these trees! Ash even found herself excited. "wow!" meowed Ash "this is beautiful. I can't believe how much we missed by being indoor cats." "Now we're semi-indoor cats" mewed Trav "which means we can get both the fun and adventure of outdoor cat living while still having a comfy cat bed to curl up in at bedtime". They all purred in agreement.
The woods
Next, the kitties found themselves on a winding path in the woods. Before long, the birds were singing, the sun was bright, and they were on a hike!
Winding Path
"This is fun!" meowed Ash, who was enjoying her leisurely stroll down the winding path. "So calm, so peaceful.." "and so jungle-like" finished Trav.
They hiked and hiked and my catnip did they hike! until finally they decided to stop and take a breather.
"whew" meowed Sherlock, "am I pooped!" "Me, too" mewed Sasha "we sure did a lot of paw-walking. Boy, does this count for exercise!"
They hiked an unbelievable...
Pretty soon, after the cats had their stop and took a break, they headed down the trail.
"I'm getting thirsty!" grumbled Trav "Let's stop for a drink!" All the cats meowed in agreement. "I'm almost sure there's a bridge not far from here we could paw to. There's a stream right under it!" Sasha announced "First one there is a catnip addict!"


They reached the bridge and carefully pawed over to the other side. They climbed down some rocks and landed paws-first on a grassy flatland with a small stream next to it. "Mmm" purred Sasha,"The smell of fresh fish in the morning!" Sure enough, there were several swift,slick fish swimming about in the stream below but neither cat caught one. They finished their drinks in several swift gulps and headed back down the trail.
By now it was noon and the sun was up above shinning bright down on 4 little kitties. They took a pit-stop off the trail and sat under the shade of a fern tree.
"Boy, has this been a pawsome day!" mewed Trav, "I never guessed the outdoors would be such an adventure!" "But it certainly is one we will remember" purred Ash. "We're happy you both have enjoyed it so far!" Sasha meowed in reply for both herself and Sherlock ( who was, guess what? taking a sun nap as usual ). "But best of all," finished Sasha, "I'm glad I've met you two to share this fun with! You guys are the best pal a cat could meow for!" They all purred and cuddled up next to each other, letting the  pleasant afternoon go by.

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