Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Meadow

"Oh my goodness--this is better than what I dreamed of!"
All the kitties stared in awe as they found themselves atop a calm, grassy hill, overlooking a peaceful meadow. "There's a small pound, plenty of grass, some flowers here and there.." Ash mewed.
"And look--" Trav interrupted, "an oak tree for shelter to sleep under! This is simply  wonderful".
"It truly is,"meowed Sherlock,"better than we thought."
Sasha, Ash, Trav and Sherlock sat on top of the hill, gazing at the beautiful meadow before them. They were amazed.
After many long minutes of admiration, Trav meowed "Let's explore our new spot!" and all four kitties bounded down the hill, into their haven.

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