Sunday, June 10, 2012

Flower Power

After the whole episode of "dangerous squirrel" blew over, the cats resumed their fun day by "taking time to smell the roses".
They found themselves in a field full of flowers and all four kitties were sniffing away!
"These smell so wonder full!" meowed Sasha,"like goodness on petals"
"Oh and beauitful too" mewed Ash, who was smelling a lilac.
"I could spend the rest of my life here!" Sherlock meowed, sniffing a rose and surrounded by wildflowers.
"And they taste great,too!" mewed Trav who was nibbling on a yellow flower.
 "Taste good? Travler are you--" Sasha gasped! "Travler, you don't eat the flowers, you smell them!"
"MOL (meow out loud) you are funny, Trav! Good thing they aren't bad for you."
"Yeah, next thing you know you will be not only smelling like one, but you will be one!" Sherlock meowed.
They all shared a laugh.

Then they  made a wish
"To us: The 4 fun kitties!" and they all purred.
"Look!" meowed Ash, "How beauitful".
And they all watched in awe as a butterfly perched atop a blossum. "What a day" they purred. "What a purrfect day"

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