Sunday, June 3, 2012

Curious Kitties

  Sasha ( the once feral cat and now refined indoor kitty ) had chosen the path of indoor feline life, abandoning her former outdoor cat lifestyle. She decided this when she met Sherlock, a timid indoor kitty who's  wild dreams of becoming a "adventurous cat" had almost become a reality until he discovered he preferred his food given to him in a bowl rather than hunting for it. They met by accident but soon became fast friends and had many memories to share. Sasha took Sherlock under her whiskers ( not "wing" because there's no such thing as flying cats ) and taught him the ropes of outdoor living until he became a pro at hunting. But pretty soon he decided he missed his comfy cat bed and decided to go back home, while Sasha too had an inclination to do something new and try out the indoor cat way of life.

So they journeyed back home, and found themselves in love with air conditioning, meow mix, and cat beds ( not to mention the luxury of using a litter box ) and henceforth decided they would become indoor cats for life. Until.....

 The bright June morning promised sunshine and cat naps, and all 4 kitties were enjoying it.
Sasha found herself at home, and realized she really did fit in. Travler and Ash were pleased to have a new pal, and Sherlock was content with how things were going.
They were settling down for a nap just after their first meal, when Travler unexpectedly asked Sasha a question.

"Sasha, how does it feel to hunt?" Travler had never once in his whole life hunted, he was used to his meal brought to him in a bowl.

"Why, I thought you would never ask" Sasha replied casually, although in reality she was not at all prepared for the question, considering she'd never been asked that before. " It feels like you are out in the jungle-- a real tiger or lion-- and the idea of being a real wild cat is incredible." She spoke half to herself, reminiscing and for a split second wished she was back there hunting in the wild again.
" Then why did you choose to become an indoor cat?"
"Because indoor cats have it better-- a warm bed, food brought to you in a clean bowl, and  litter box, something nature does not provide."
  "But don't you miss "the outdoor-life on the line wild cat" adventure?"
"Well yeah, maybe just a little, but this is much more safer. All cats dream of adventure, but when you get to my age its time to settle down, relax and retire to the comfortable way of living."
  Ash was sitting on the cat tree nearby, casually listening in to their conversation.
She joined in too. "I've heard from many ferrel's that there's something "magical" about sleeping under the stars" she let out a small yawn, rolled over, and continued, " is that so?"
 "Compared to a pale ceiling, yes. Nature is oh so wonderful and inviting. You truly feel like a wildcat once you sleep under the stars and witness earth being bathed in moonlight. It's terrific!"
 "What about climbing a tree--is it scary?"
Pretty soon all the cats ( except for Sherlock who was taking a long cat nap ) were asking Sasha about outdoor life and how it felt to "sleep under the stars" or "have your first catch". Common questions were asked ( considering its coming from pampered indoor kitties ) and with each one Sasha replied coolly, with a glint of amusement and foundness in her eyes.

 It was clear that these kitties wanted to experience what outdoor cats did, and it was obvious Sasha wanted to stay an indoor kitty for life.
But yet a faint feeling of want came into Sasha, and for a few seconds she actually missed what she had back in the wild.
Then a thought came to mind who says I can't have it back and these indoor kitties couldn't become outdoor kitties? The thought stayed in her mind all day long.

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