Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Squirrel

As you all know, Traveler, had never once been outside before this. He had always always ALWAYS been an in-door cat and that was just the he liked it. Of course that was until he went on this adventure with his purry pals and discovered just how fun the outdoors really were. Now he called himself a semi-outdoor cat.
As indoor ( or semi-outdoor ) cats go, chances are..well.. they haven't ever seen a squirrel.
Yes, they've heard of them. Yes they have bragged about chasing one down. But they're never really encountered one face-to-face. Until today.
"Oh,that." Sasha meowed coolly, "Is a common squirrel."
"It won't bite ya" mewed Sherlock "we saw many on our last adventure. They're perfectly harmless"
Even after Sherlock and Sasha's encouraging words, Trav still couldn't stop shaking. "Can we go the other way? As in around and away from the squirrel?!"
"Trav" mewed Ash, "Its not going to get ya. Now come on, we're wasting time!"
Just then, the squirrel landed with a plop right smack dab in front of them!
"OMC!!( hint: Omg only with "cat" instead of "gosh" )! I told you guys it was dangerous!! Its going to get us!!!" Trav was frantic!
"Stay calm. Don't move. And everything will be OK" Ash meowed.
All 4 kitties sat motionless in front of the squirrel.
Yes, I know what's going through your head: this is crazy! the cats should have eaten the squirrel--the squirrel should be the one scarred, not the cats! but you have to realize that the cats actually haven't really caught a squirrel in their life ( although they like to brag about doing so.)
"Don't move." Sasha mewed through a gritted teeth.
They didn't move.
The squirrel left and all was calm.
Until next thing you know all 4 cats burst out laughing!
"can't believe how scared you were!" they meowed to one another, "we actually fell  for that squirrel!"
The cats stood in the middle of the orest, meowing and purring like crazy!
"That was funny!" they purred. "Now let's get on with our adventure! Flowers here we come"

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