Sunday, June 10, 2012

An unexpected Visitor

Four kitties: Sasha, Sherlock, Ash and Trav, were all curled up snuggled asleep underneath a fern tree. They were taking a break from their outdoor adventure, which was totally PAWSOME!!!  They did SO much fun stuff ( explored the forest, climbed a tree ( almost ), saw sights, smelled exciting smells, drank from a river, yes a RIVER ( but don't worry it was actually a stream and they did not drown ) and even climbed a tree. ) Now they were taking it easy.
Warm sunlight stroked their pelts and Trav was the first to wake up with a yawn. He stretched his paws out and blinked in the afternoon sunlight then sat up and began grooming himself.
Ash,who was curled up asleep next to him, woke up with a spring in her paw "That was a purrfect cat nap-but now its time for some more fun!"
"Hey there, Ash what's gotten into you? The once refined kitty cat has turned tail and now is an adventure cat!"  Sasha meowed. Ash,embarrassed by her loud meow of excitement her whiskers blushed, "Who says I can't enjoy the day?" she purred, "Why, I'm having just as entitled to having fun as the rest of you!"
"It's good to finally see ya perking up and enjoying the pawsome day, then" replied Sasha.
*Yawn* "You guys' meowing woke me up and I was just enjoying a lovely cat nap!" growled Sherlock.
"Oh, its OK. I needed to wake up sometime anyway!" He meowed, not wanting to sound so harsh. "Now let's get going and have some more fun!" They all got up and were headed back down towards the bridge when Trav stopped right in his tracks.
"W-w-w-what's t-t-that??" He stuttered, eyes wide in fright.
Looking right at him was a....

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