Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Talking it over

The kitties spent the next 5 nights in the lovely flower field. It was peaceful and clam, with butterflies perched upon roses and the cats surrounded by sunflowers and oh, how beautiful was the smell of lilacs!
But in the end, they still had an inclination to go exploring.

"Its like heaven here" purred Ash, "I could sleep here all day and night"
"This does make a purr-fect place for sun naps!" commented Sasha, who was soaking in the sun, relaxing.
"We all seem a bit too drowsy, and if we are going to get back home soon, we need to pick a better spot. A spot where there is both peace, but also excitement to keep our paws busy" decided Sherlock, who was fluffing himself out to feel more "energized" for the planned adventure ahead.
"But its so wonderful" argued Trav, who was having a hard time leaving the flower patch he was sitting on.
"True, but if we spend all our time here and not enough in other places... well, we will  just be four sleepy kitties" Sasha meowed. "And besides, who says we can't come back?"
 "Yeah," Sherlock mewed,"we can always visit.. just not spend our whole time here" Sherlock finished.
"Then let's get moving, and find a new spot to visit!" they all meowed.

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