Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Meowl-o-ween

Ash and I hope you all are having a furry fun and safe Halloween full of goodies and treats xx

Monday, October 28, 2013

Happy Howl-o-Ween

It really has been furever. And ever. I seriously miss my blogging buds, and here it is almost Halloween and I've finally gotten off (or should I say on) my butt and done a blog entry. What is wrong with me? I've missed you guys SO much and feel so left out. So I'm back in. And I've just gotta say how much I love you guys.
Life has been purry crazy these days and I've seldom had time for sleep. Ash and I have been chilling out in solitude enjoying these beautiful fall months. I can tell she misses Sherlock and Traveler's company but has finally adjusted to life as the queen bee of the house.

This is an old piccy but I thought I'd upload it
just for the heck of it.
So life has been very busy. *I* hardly have any time to myself, while Ash is soaking up her "me-time" (lucky kitty!) Fall is by far my favourite season of the year, paws down!
This reminds me of the time I dressed up (or should I just say *put in*) Sherlock as a real pumpkin, and deemed him the "pumpkitty!" for the Tabby cat club's Halloween costume contest last year.

Traveler looked ever so adorable as he tried on this
witchy hat for size

 Ash and I have enjoyed watching the leaves turn from bright yellow to deep red and it's really given the air a more of a "fall" feeling. I've got some super exciting news to share! A few months ago (shame on me for taking THIS long to inform you guys in this exciting development in our lives... and no, it's not about moving or anything crazy (although moving does sound delicious right now) my dear friend Paula from Twinkletoe Tails so graciously opened her heart to our family and sent out a box of love (and clothes, kitty treats too!) to us. We were so touched by her generosity and kindness to us! Then, she was so amazing (as always!) as to send us ANOTHER box of clothes and goodies. Are we ever blessed! I just want to take time to say THANK YOU, PAULA AND JACKIE for your love to our family! She is truly the sweetest woman ever and my whole family is blessed by our friendship.

I had promised to do a full-on post on the gifts but my camera is shot so I'm going to upload pictures through my phone as soon as it is back in service. I plan on doing the post this weekend as I have plans to head over to the library and can get it done then. I can't wait! Thank you again, Paula! You have really touched our hearts and words can't expressed what an impact you've had on our family! And don't forget Jackie ;-) A BIG HUG and plenty of purrs your way xxx
I hope everyone has a purry-awesome Howl-o-ween this year! Stay safe :)