Thursday, August 23, 2012

Kitty's Garden Cat Grass for Indoor Cats -

Hai, Furr-friends, Traveler here with some exciting mews!!! <3
I just made my very own Wish List, thanks to the pawsome Baby Patches at
Nip and Bones! And......
this is one of the top items that I wish to have!
Being a family of indoor cats, our exploring has been, well, sort of limited (as far as real live grass goes.)
And I would love to have this one! It's what I have always wanted! <3

Kitty's Garden Cat Grass for Indoor Cats -


  1. Oh my goodness, I want one, too!

    1. It looks so yummy!!
      When we both get one we can each blog about it :)

  2. Graden grass is a good thing to have on your wish list and Nip and Bones is a pawsome place to get it.

  3. Oh that looks nommy! We sure would like to have one so we could yak the grass back up on the rug! MOL!

  4. That DOES look good. My mommy needs to get ME some.


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