Sunday, April 15, 2012

Part Two: The narrow escape, the unlikely comeback

All 3 cats stared, horrified, at the door. Pelts bristling, eyes open wide, they didn't move an inch as the massive dog sniffed, sucking in the cat's scent, on the other side of the door.  Another intense sniff came from the door, each one sounding like an earthquake, then another, and another, until finally....BOOM!!!!!!! The dog burst through the door, sending splinters flying through the air. His massive shoulders and boulder-like head betrayed his strong determination. The cats, eyes glued to the dog, stared. They didn't know what to do.  The dog stared back, and for one teeny moment they, cats and dog, gazed at one another without the smallest  hint of danger.

 Then, slowly, Sherlock, making his unwise move, crept away out of his cat tree and onto the open window: this was his escape route.
          Gazing back, and seeing the others had not sensed his departure, he exchanged a final silent glance with his pals, Ash and Travler, before attempting to bounce away.   
                                                               Too late.
The dog, sensing his immediate chance, launched himself into the air and hurled past, nearly gripping the cat in his jaws.   The others, utterly defeated, scrambled this way and that, trying to save their pal in a vain attempt.  It was then the Ash made her move.  

 With the dog scrambling off the ground trying again to reach Sherlock from the window, Ash seized her chance. Although Ash, merely the size of an adult cat, was not match for this huge beast, she had a secret power in store--one that would turn this  beastly dog into nothing more than a terrified  kitten: feline super powers!

Ash bounded towards the dog,  her eyes glittering with determination. Her tail fluffed up half her full size, teeth bared and claws unsheathed, she was a true wild cat. 
Ash: The hero
The dog effortlessly extended a large paw which in turn he assumed would send the cat spiraling into the air and falling to its death. He was wrong.
Ash attacked back, using her full strenght to size up. She hissed and growled at the beast, showing her spiky teeth and causing the dog to quiver.  She then sliced a paw toward his nose and reached for his back, which she bit down on hard. The dog, never once imagining this would happen, nor ever seeing anything like this in his life, bounded away, half in shock and half in fright.    

                              He never came back and messed with those tricky felines again.
Ash, blowing the dust off her paws, trotted towards Sherlock to make sure everything was okay.

"Sherlock, are you alright? That dog nearly had you. It's a good thing I came in just in time."
  "Alright?! Are you kidding?? I am fine!! But you--you were--"
 "Incredible" Travler mewed from the far corner of the room, half dazed and half amazed.
"Well I don't know about THAT, but it sure is good I have these super powers!"

"You were purrrrrrrrr-fect, Ash. We're so mewfull you saved us."
"It was nothing",she replied, "Just a chip off the old catnip".

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