Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Night Prowlers: Part One

Sherlock slipped out of his cat tree and out into the wild. First, it was awkward ( just a little) for him to adjust to all the different textures found outside ( he's used to soft carpet and wood floors ) , but soon he got used to it and before long he was out and about exploring! There was SOO much he did... to much to blog! But, I will give you a taste of Sherlock's "life on the line"
The sky was a dark, dark deep blue, much darker than when Sherlock had first decided to venture outside. The sights, sounds, everything, was way different than he had  expected. Stars glistened from afar off and he heard the slimy slick squeeze of a gardener snake pushing into a small crevice. There was danger, but yet excitement, all at once.
He felt all alone in this big world-- danger creeping from every corner-- but yet he had this great desire to go out and explore!
With the moon yawning in the sky, Sherlock peered to his left: nothing there but the spooky yet mystifying shadows. He closed his eyes and listened, intently, for what creatures might be prowling about: the high-pitched squeak gave away the tiny gray mouse hobbling about in the rock, the chirp and jump sounded similar to a cricket, and--what was that!-- crunching leaves under paw: A cat!
Sherlock listened even closer now, making sure what he heard was not pretend. There it goes again! The crunch crunch of leaves and swirl,swirl in the wind must be its tail! Sherlock, sure what he was hearing was real, opened his eyes and crouched belly onto the earth floor, trying ( although he had no experience ) to blend in with his surroundings. He focused all his energy on seeking out this cat-- a possible friend: mew pal, teaching him the ropes of outdoor living... or an intruder? A vicious 4 legged enemy who had the hunt of the battle in his eyes and viciously sharp teeth--who ever it may be.
Intently, he crawled forward, leaning his ears and eyes towards where the sound was coming from. Because it was night, and Sherlock, being a spoiled house-cat, had no real knowledge of the natural skills ( hunting and defense) that out-door cats were born with, assumed he would blend right in. His bright yellow fur surely would go unnoticed.
He continued on.. slowly yet steadily making his way towards the sound... while feeling inside him bubbled up: What if it attacks me? How do I know I will be safe? How will I defend myself? Sherlock was beginning to think that this little "adventure" he had planned out was a bad idea, and was contemplating whether or not he should take his chances or head back into the safety of his home, when suddenly something, a quick moment, had him stop in his tracks.
The grass, just then, seemed twice as longer, each blade the length of  his tail. He crouched even lower, fear bubbling up inside him, and waited What else am I supposed to do? Make a run for it?
Then the lean figure appeared from behind the oak tree, slinking out of the shadows and into the moonlight. Sherlock gazed up at the sky, When I open my eyes , the danger will all be gone and there will be nothing to worry about! Then I can stay here like a real wildcat roaming the terrain with nothing to worry about. He tried to convince himself that there wasnothing to worry  about but as  much as Sherlock wished to stay, he knew it  was too dangerous to risk straying any further from home ( although he still hadn't left his back yard.) He has always been one to risk fun for safety, no matter how adventurous it may be. Like all in-door cats, he wanted to be  a part of the fun and excitement found in the out-side world, but he sure didn't want to get caught up in some tough tom cat battle! He assumed the cat hadn't seen him, and this was his chance to escape and head back home. Only the cat had seen him, and he was walking right towards him! With one glance, as Sherlock slowly moved around toward home, the cat pounced! He jumped into the air, his eyes glistened with the heat of the battle in his eyes, and landed right  on a scared Sherlock

"Get off me!" Sherlock yowled, "I am not your prey you crazy tom cat!"
  The cat, clearly amused, stepped off Sherlock and sat beside, grooming herself.
"For starters," she began coolly, " I am a female. And secondly, who said you were my prey? I'm Tasha, the cat next door, and I am NOT a wild cat, if that was what you were thinking. Let's be friends!"
Sherlock, unsure of what to make of this, slowly began to sit up and then started to speak
" I'm Sherlock, and I am a house-cat. This is my first time outdoors, and I'm used to humans and safety, not wilderness and adventure. Did you say you were NOT a wild cat?"
  "That's right", Tasha replied calmly " I am a house-cat myself. Live over there" She motioned with her head towed her home " I see I got you a little started there. Don't worry, I won't bite.  I remember the first time I ventured outdoors, I was just like you! Scared, worried, but yet completely set on finding adventure and fun. It's not so bad once you get used to it. I consider the outdoors my home....."
After Tasha finished a looooong story, so long it seemed the sun was about to dawn any minute, she asked "Hey, you seem a little hungry. Would you like me to catch you something? I'm a great hunter-- and I'm not bragging!"
" Well, I am feeling a bit hungry now that you mention it... Hey, would you mind teaching me how to hunt?" He asked, half calmly, half excitedly.
 "Sure! I'd love to teach you how to catch prey!" With that Tasha gave Sherlock a small head  bump and they headed off into the wilderness, tail and tail.

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