Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Part One: Sherlock, Ash and Travler's discovery

 The sun was weaving through the sky, casting long rays on the earth.
Sherlock, Ash and Travler were in the house having their before dinner snack.
Sherlock ate his meow mix with quick,swift gulps while Ash took dainty bits and Trav nibbled at his food.
Suddenly, Sherlock jumped onto his cat tree sending a swift breeze through the air and sounding an abrupt meow.

"What's wrong, Sherlock?" asked Ash, fear edging her meow.

"Over there" Sherlock motioned with his tail, eyes wide in surprise.

    They all turned their heads and stared, eyes wide in fright. 

                The dog, cat's all time enemy since the beginning of time, was standing out side their door, his pudgent smell reeking through the floor boards.   

"What will we do?" Travler asked in the utmost fear.

                                    Not one cat replied. They just stared, eyes glued to the door.

Read next week to find out what the cats did and who the cat was who risked his life to save his pals in a narrow escape to freedom and saftey.

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  1. oh catgirl please post chapter 2 i want to know what happens


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