Monday, July 2, 2012

Wild Catnip Adventure

The kitties were in one big hurry. And when cats are in a hurry, sometimes they are soo fast that end up taking more time doing something that could have taken less time. It only happens when you're under a catnip attack.
"Okay we're just gonna have to find some  place that grows wild catnip" Sasha meowed, "No sense wasting time like this wandering about where to find it."
The thing is, the kitties didn't actually know that there was a gardening shop not to far away from where they were sitting and if they had taken the time to realize that.. they may not have had to go on some wild catnip chase. But then again, cats are always up for an adventure. Especially in the middle of Summer.
"But where are we going to find this 'magical catnip field of yours?' " Sherlock mewed, a little puzzled but not surprised by Sasha's conclusion.
"Easy," she mewed, "We'll just go back to where we first found it"
"Are you crazy?" Sherlock mewed, "no cat wants to paw all the way over there just to get a few pawfulls of catnip".
"Hey, you're the one who started all this, remember" Sasha corrected. "And have you forgotten the amazing taste found in wild catnip yet?"
"No" Sherlock mewed, embarrassed.
"What's so bad about going back to that forest again?" Ash mewed. "Don't you remember how much fun we had there?"
"It was totally pawsome!" Traveler mewed, half to himself. "But whatever we do, let's just do something 'cause I'm tired of sitting around here on this grass."
The kitties set off on their catnip chase.
Okay, so I know it sounds silly for urban cats to travel all the way to some 'far away forest' especially when they were just at Petsmart. But really, it's not that silly and it's actually very simple.
You see, they live right by this really cool widlife reserve and it's almost like a jungle in itself.
Plus, it's not that far off at all to paw to, so the trip would be easy and light and plus Sherlock had already discovered where they grow the wild catnip on their last adventure.
It wasn't long before the kitties got there and they had a pretty neat time.
The sun was warm, the sky was bright and the birds ( yes, the cats are going to pay at least some attention to birds ) were singing just the most beauitful song ever. The kitties were tempted to stop their catnip hunt and side track a little, pawing down the beauitful flower and tree lined earthy path and enjoying the plesant day. But they knew they couldn't stop for anything at all, not even on a day like this. The had some serious catnip to catch.
And it wasn't long before they did. "Here it is!" Traveler mewed "I found the catnip!!"
"Ahhh.." Sherlock mewed,"nothing like the fresh smell of catnip in the morning."
Sasha and Ash were busy already, taking pawfulls of catnip into their paws and stocking up for their  catnip garden. Sherlock and Traveler got some,too although they ate most of it on the way home. ( of course ).
 Yeah, I know it might sound a little silly for some cats to barge right into a wildlife resever and nab all the catnip, but c'mon: these are cats and catnip is for cats. Plus, there was a sign right there that read "wild catnip. For cats enjoyment only. Take generously." Problem solved.
They were home in one big hurry, although they arrived a little late ( considering that they were weighed down with all that catnip ) but as soon as they got home, they got to work.
They picked out a perfect spot to plant all the catnip and even made  a little sign that read "cat's nip".
They spent the whole afternoon digging, planting and planting some more. And at the end of the day, they were pretty proud of themselves. "This is beauitful" mewed Ash, "We did a paw-tastic job!"
They all purred in agreement and admired their garden.
But it was only a little while later that they realized something was different... and they needed to found out what.

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