Monday, July 2, 2012


The cats had just made a new pal, a stray cat who's name was Jellybean. And they not only made a new pal, they took him in and let him stay with them!
It was kind of a funny story how the cats found Jellybean. You see, they had been gardening a catnip plant in their back yard and were having a really great time ( ofcourse, wouldn't all cats?) until suddenly one day the catnip went missing and they had no idea what happened to it!
Then, in the middle of the night, they found Jellybean taking the catnip!
At first they were upset with him, but then they found out he was a stray cat and they had a big heart for strays. Especially Sasha, who used to be one until her dream came true and she ws adopted.
So it was only second nature for the cats to decide to take Jellybean 'under their whiskers'
( not 'wing' because they aren't birds and can't fly ). Now he was staying with them and felt loved at last! He had his very own bed, food and even water bowl. He had never felt this loved before and had four new friends  to share it with!

"Thanks so much  for being my friend and having your Mommy adopt me. I never thought I would have a home, but now I do and I'm so happy!"
"We're happy to have a new pal" the kitties purred, "and share all our catnip with".
It was a warm day and the sun was bright and beauitful. The cat's catnip garden looked amazing, and everything seemed just right. The cats had made a new pal, solved a mystery that lead to finding Jellybean a home, and now they were ready to relaxe and have some fun!
"Do you wanna play with my catnip mouse?" Traveler offered. "Sure!" Jellybean mewed.
"But I have a better idea" Ash meowed, "Let's enjoy the day and play hide-'n-go-seek!"
The kitties all spent the day playing outside and having fun with their new pal, Jellybean.
The day was finally winding down, and the cat had spent a full day palying and having fun together.
As the cats curled up to go to  bed, but Jellybean had something to say. "Thanks so much for being my friend!" Jellybean meowed. "I'm so happy to have you guys as furfriends!" They all purred and snuggled close.

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