Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Felines watch the Fireworks

The Cat Club House was busy already, planning an event that would take place today: the fireworks show!
Yes, I know what you're saying: "but the fourth of July isn't until tomorrow. and aren't cats supposed to be afraid of fireworks?"
First of all, these aren't just ordinary cats. These are extraordinary cats. Yeah, I am aware that cats are known for hiding under their beds and covering their ears with their paws when the fireworks show starts, by like I stated just a few seconds ago: these are extraordinary cats  and they love fireworks. I know that sounds funny, but it's true. And these kitties love fieworks works so much, that they were planning to go to a fireworks show early! A day early. And to be honest, these kitties were even more excited about seeing the fireworks show than they were about a year's supply of catnip.
"It so bright, and vibrant and beautiful!" Traveler mewed, "I can't wait to see the show!"
The Cat's Celebrate!  and Feline Fantastic groups were already getting started planning out the adventurous trip! They researched where the show would take place, read and re-read the safety guidelines and then got the Cat Club House group together to plan out the trip. "We want to make it an hour early, so we get good seats", Sasha was meowing. "We should probably paw out there right now" one of the members mewed,"since it's a little ways of a paw-walk."
"Did you research all the safety guidelines for cats?" Sherlock mewed, a little worried. "Of course!" they exclaimed, "what else do you think we're for?"
"Okay then," Sherlock mewed, "let's head out!"
"Wait, we need to finish baking our catnip flavored treats. They're almost done" Jellybean of Catnip Kitties meowed.
"Yum! Treats!" all the kitties purred.
As soon as the treats were finished, the kitties headed out.
They got to the Fireworks show early and picked out the best seats. They could get a clear view of the fireworks when it started. Getting comfy, the cats settle down into their seats and watched the magic happen!
It was amazing: the pitch black sky was suddenly bursting with vibrant colors: bright orange, yellow, blue, white and red and also some neon green. The kitties "awed" and "Oohed" at each and every firework, watching excitedly, eyes gleaming in joy. "This is wonderful!" the kitties purred, "absolutely amazing!" They pulled out their cameras and took snapshots to remember the beautiful night by.
It was a magical night that the kitties never forgot.
When the fireworks show ended, Jellybean meowed "time for treats!" and pulled out a tray full of brightly colored catnip  flavoured cookies! "Mm!" the cats meowed, "these taste delicious!"
The kitties gobbled down their treats and headed home, remembering the special night.
When they got back to the Cat Club House, Sherlock meowed, " Weekly Mews's  'mews'paper,The Daily Meower is going to write a review on the fireworks show!"
They all purred.

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