Tuesday, July 24, 2012

It is  with a heavy, broken heart that I share this news:
As you know, I have been adoptive cat-owner of my 3 loving kitties: Sherlock, Ash and Traveler, and I love them more than anything else.
They are the most loving, sweet and funny cats one could ask for and I'm so blessed to call them mine.
But recently we were forced to move from the house we had been renting for almost 2 years and due to that we were put under a huge amount of stress. We didn't have much time to find a new place and when we finally found a seemingly decent house we were faced with devestating news: our inhumane landlady is forcing us to give up my dear cats!
This is both tragic and nerve-wrecking: my cats are well behaved and loving, they've done nothing to her and she has no right to be so cruel! I change the litterbox daily and the cats are in good condition so what's the problem,here? They're not de-clawed but so what? They aren't damaging her property--they're just being loving cats!
I don't know what to say but since it's a year lease we can't move.
I can't bear to give up my cats and there is NO WAY they are going to the shelter!
I have done my best to ask all my friends, I'm tweeting about it shortly after I set up a page "Home for Sherlock", and doing everything else I can. But I'm asking you to please, please, spread the news and let your friends know. They are loving cats in need of a good home and I will cry when they are adopted out, but there may be another option.
Here's the good news:
I believe the local SPCA has a feline foster care program and if so, my cats could be placed in the program and stay in a good, loving home until circumstances change and we're able to adopt them back and keep them forever.
For the mean time, I'm asking around and if you know anyone in need of a cat, please contact me via twitter, facebook or e-mail: catgirlkathleen@gmail.com



  1. They are beautiful and I'm so sorry that you're facing having to part with them. I wish I could help but unfortunately, I just went through a similar thing. The house we'd been renting for 15 years (and owned by my step-father) was to go on the market. He did give me first choice but I wasn't in a position to buy it just then and really didn't want to buy it. I had 6 cats! I moved into an apartment and was only able to keep 2 of my babies. Luckily, with help from some local rescues, I was able to place them all. Don't give up hope and don't give in and take them to a shelter. Where are you located? Try a google search for cat rescues in your area and start contacting them via email. That's what I did. I know your heart is breaking like mine did not long ago. Hang in there and big hugs! @TVelvet on Twitter

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    1. I am so sorry to hear hwat you went through! I knwo how difficult it can be when you have cats but are placed in a hard situation and fored to give them up.. but I'm glad to hear things worked out and you were able to place some of them into good homes!
      I have some good news: a friend of a friend is offering to find my kitties a foster home and I am so relieved! The best part is that when we're able to move out, we can have them back! it's good to knwo they are in good hands and that I'll get to have my dear fur babies back eventually:)) Purrs,


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