Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sherlock's bright idea

The kitties were pawing back and forth, back and forth, all excited and happy and jumpy.
Last night, they had planned a surprise party in honor of their new pal, Jellybean. It was a really pawsome party, with games, gifts, treats and ofcourse catnip. And so the next morning, due to all their excitment from last night--they were especially jumpy. But it wasn't the catnip that was doing it.
It was Sherlock's idea.
He was so happy that the party last night went even better than he had planned, that he was determined to plan out even more parties that summer. More parties imaginable that a kitty has ever organized. But first thing was first: the kitties needed to be organized.
And, well, they weren't. In fact, that whole day they had been rather messy ( but not in a bad way ).
There was catnip covering the floor, party hats scattered everywhere, and left over kitty treats from last night. Yes, that sounds pretty bad. And the kitties were no better, either.
They spent the whole afternoon taking sun baths, eating cat treats and pretty much takin' it easy.
That's why Sherlock decided that they needed to be organized.
And the only way to be organized was to have a special place just for planning on a kitty basis.
That's when he got the idea: They would build a cat club house!
So, when word got out that the cats would have their very own club house, they needed to get to work. First of all, they needed to make rules, and there was a very long list of them too. But for the most part, the basics were pretty well clear.
Rule #1: No dogs allowed.
Rule#2: No dogs allowed.
Rule #3: Still no dogs allowed.
With the rules ( or atleast the main ones ) all taken care of, they still had a lot of stuff more to do.
They needed to pass out invitations to all the neighborhood cats, post a kitty guard incase some dogs tried to get into the cat club house, and.... they needed to build the club house,too.

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