Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Cat Club House Meeting

 All the kitties gathered around inside the cozy cat club house for a  Cat Club House meeting.
They had just finished up the grand opening party and it was paw-tastic! The grand opening was full of  new furry feline friends, kitty treats and a ton of feline fun!
But now it was time to get down to business!
With new members of the Cat Club House to join them, they got started.
"Attention, all esteemed feline members of the Cat Club House", Sherlock began, "it is with great honor I bestow upon you the  greatest reward of being feline fantastic members. Your job will be to have fun, organize group events, and most importantly.. be feline!" The cats cheered and purred, eyes gleaming with excitement. "We are honored to have you here as members and can't wait for our Cat Club House to get started!"
"Now," Ash began, a warm look in her eyes as she gazed at the crowd of cheering cats, "As we are well into summer, it is time for us to get organized. The mission of Cat Club House is to have feline fun, become accomplished in our skills and be organized in doing so. We must show off our talents with pride and always always, behave in refined feline manner." The cats nodded their heads in agreement.
"What Ash is saying", Jellybean mewed, "is that we just simply need to be ourselves at all times and we'll be a purr-fect group!"
"With those mews of wisdom being meowed" Traveler began,"it's time to organize our events groups! We don't want to waste our summer just sittin' around and not doing anything fun! So, each of you kitties pick a group and then a card.  You will mew what you're card says out loud and then begin your task. Let's have fun!"

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