Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Kittie Groupies

The cats of Cat Club House were purring with excitement! As each kitty picked out a slip of light pink folded paper with a kitty paw on top, they were  mewing with anticipation to find out what their job in  Cat Club House would be.
It was time to get things organized and begin the feline fun! There would be more parties, adventures and all kind of things all planned out in their club house! But first, they had to decide what they'd each do.
That's where the groups came in. There would be four central groups, and four more branching off ( one per group ). The first group was:
-Catnip Kitties (in charge of treats)
Catnip Kitties branching group was: Bet ya Can't beat Our Treats (a team of kitties who would taste test all treats made until perfected.)

The second group was:
-Cats Celebrate!
Cats Celebrate! were the kitties who planned out all the parties and events. They were in charge of just about everything there was to fun events planned.
Their branching groups was: Feline Fantastic! who were in charge of researching all the fun events planned to make sure they were feline-friendly and fantastic!
The next group was called:
-Cats Adventures
Cats Adventures were in charge of just about all there is to planning a feline-tastic adventure.
Their branching group: Cats Super were the ones who made sure everything was just purr-fect for the adventure and double-checked to ensure feline fun and safety.

The final group was a literature group, all together different from the main four but yet a vital part of Cat Club House.
It was called:
-Weekly Mews: Cats News.
Weekly Mews:Cats News were in charge of their weekly 'mews' letter, The Meower and also had a superb taste in fine feline arts and organized specialty events to appreciate feline artists and writers all over the world for their cat club house.
Their branching group: Cats on Call were needed to ensure everything was purr-fect and feline approved. They were the research team.

 Now it was time for each cat to read their slip and meow it out loud! They could hardly wait..
Traveler was the leader of Cats Adventure and sat in one end of the room while several kitties mewed their cards out loud. "I have Cats Celebrate!" meowed a cat, whose name was Patsy Poo. "Then you're in the group who's in charge of all the parties and events!" Sasha meowed, who was the leader of that group. A few other cats mewed out their cards and pawed over to the Cats Celebrate corner.

Pretty soon, all the cats were meowing out their cards and pawing over to that group.
"I'm with Weekly Mews" meowed Moonlight the silver tabby. "Then you're in my group!" Sherlock purred.
"I have Catnip Kitties!" mewed Snickerdoodle the bracken-furred tabby. "Paw over here to my group then!" Jellybean purred
"I have Cat's Adventure!" Snickerdoodle. "Then you're with us!" Traveler mewed.

At the end of the day, it was all meows and purrs as the cats got to work in their groups.
Here's the cats and who's groups they were put in:
-Catnip Kitties leader: Jellybean
Bet Ya can't Beat our Treats branching group:

-Cats Celebrate! Leader:Sasha
Feline Fantastic:
Cats Adventure: Leader-Traveler
Cats Super!
Weekly Mews: Leader:Sherlock
Cats on Call branching group:

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