Monday, July 2, 2012

The kitties Party: Catnip Style

The kitties were planning a party in honor of their new pal, Jellybean!
There would be catnip, fun food , and plenty of meowmix. They couldn't wait!
They were busy all day planning, decorating, and getting ready for the big celebration: catnip style!
Ash was in charge of the decorating part, and she was really happy!
Decorating had always been her thing, and she was so happy to finally show off her skill!
Meanwhile, Sasha had been spending all day getting the catnip together and making sure it would be just right for the big event.
They were all so busy working and they couldn't wait to pull off the surprise to one important cat: Jellybean.
You see, the party was going to be a surprise for Jellybean and they needed to make sure that he didn't know about it. The problem was, it was hard keeping him away from the house, especially when he was so eager to find out what was going on.
Sherlock took Jellybean out to Petsmart and they splurged on all the fun feline things imaginable!
Catnip, cat toys, and even cat trees! At the end of the day, they  came home  loaded with a bunch of cool stuff.
And while Jellybean and Sherlock had been at the petstore, Traveler was busy gathering up all the neighborhood cats and inviting them to the surprise party! They were all happy to come and brought a ton of pawsome gifts for Jellybean.
There was  kitty decorations, yummy cat treats and fun party games.
And when Jellybean got home, he was greeted by a welcoming surprise party!
They all cheered "Jellybean!" and gave him hugs and gifts. They played games, had yummy cat treats and it was so totally pawsome!
At the end of the day, Jellybean was so thrilled he didn't know what to say except "Thank you, all of you for being my friend and showing me what true friends do for each other".
They all purred and passed out the catnip.

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