Monday, July 2, 2012

Catnip Theif

The kitties had no idea what was going on.. they just had a feeling something was wrong. But they didn't have time to go on worrying about that ( whatever that was ) because first of all, they couldn't figure out what was wrong.. but yet "they just had a feeling something was wrong."
So they let that problem go to the back of their heads and resolved to spend  their summer tending to the garden. After all, gardening is "good for the soul" and so gardening catnip is " good for the feline soul" and if anything could help them forget about this mystery that kept bugging them, surley gardening would?
Sasha picked up a garden tool and got to work. "I think these flowers would look a lot better over here" she meowed, rearranging the garden. She couldn't help but forget about what was bugging her (something just looked different in their garden and they couldn't seem to  figure out what) after she got well into the garden work and soon all her worries melted away. And she also got very hot, considering it was the middle of summer!
Pretty soon, all the kitties wrapped up their work and headed inside for the day to cool off.
Sherlock wipped up some tasty cat drink ( catnip flavored water ) and they took it easy for the day.
So what if something looked a little different in their garden? It wasn't the end of the world after all, and they could always fix it! There was no need in worrying over nothing. It was summer, and they wanted to spend it having a good time.
So they quite worrying about the whole thing, and went on with their regular kitty buisness.

Later that night, when the kitties were tucked into bed, for some reason Traveler just had a strange inclination to go outside and check on the garden. Yeah, I know that's a pretty odd thing to do, but Traveler just had a feeling he should stick to his  instincts and check the garden out, just to be sure.
So he carefully got out of his cat bed ( very slowly, not to disturb the other cats ) and pawed down the stairs and slide out the cat door, hoping not to wake any cat up. But it was too late, 'cause the other kitties were already up."Where's Traveler going?" meowed a sleepy Sherlock.
"Probably  out to get a midnight snack" Ash suggested, "he's always hungry, you know."
"Well I'll bet he's going out to the garden to sneak some catnip". Sasha growled, "and you know how bad catnip can be for cats at this time of night. I'm going to follow him".
So Sasha, Ash and Sherlock pawed down the stairs and went into the garden. "Sure enough, just as I thought." Sasha meowed. "Traveler's here." But some cat other than Traveler was there too. Some cat who was taking their cat nip!

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