Monday, July 2, 2012

Catnip Charisma

The cats surveyed their domain. The garden was beautiful--everything was placed just right and it looked gorgeous, but...
It wasn't long before the kitties realized what was missing.

 "We need to get some catnip or this could turn into one big huge disaster!" Traveler frantically mewed. "What cat in the history of cats forgets to plant catnip on their garden? Cats all over the world will think we're crazy!"
"Calm down, Traveler" Sasha mewed, "Did you forget that we can always just go to the petsore and pick up some 'nip there?"
"Yeah, there's nothing to worry about,bud" Sherlock meowed casually, "it's only a few blocks away and we could paw up there quickly. Plus, I hear that Petsmart is loaded with catnip today, so it would be a perfect time to go!"
The kitties dropped their gardening tools and headed down to the petstore to get loaded with catnip.
But when they got there, they were in for a surprise.
"The only cat nip they've got here is the stuff that we eat from the catnip container--you can't plant it!" Traveler exclaimed, still very worried. "But it.. goood!" Sherlock purred, sniffing some catnip right out of the "fresh growing catniip". "Let's pick some up here now!"
"I don't think so," Ash mewed. "Yes, I know this is silly for a cat to actually turn down some catnip, but we came here to find the cat nip you can actually plant and grow right from your garden."
"Remember the wild catnip we found back on our journey?" Sasha meowed "Didn't that stuff taste amazing?"
"Oh, tell me about it! That stuff was the best thing I've ever had in my whole nine lives!" Sherlock replied, dreaming of the wild catnip field.
"Well then you're in for a surprise," Ash mewed, "because when we get some plantable wild catnip.. well let's just say it'll be even better than the stuff you've tasted before. And I promise."
"Then what are we waiting for?' Traveler chimed in, "Let's get going!"
The only problem was... they had no idea where to find it.

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