Monday, July 2, 2012

A Stray cat finds a Home

Behind the wild  catnip  plant stood a sleek, dark feline body, perfectly still and not moving an inch. Some catnip  was scattered on the groud below him, and he his mouth was stuffed with it. They had solved the mystery: this was the cat nip theif.
It's safe to say that the cats were a little bit more frightened by the whole idea of a strange cat sneaking into their garden and stealing their catnip, but they were also relieved that they've finally solved the case of the missing catnip.
They were getting pretty good at this mystery solvers thing, and who knows? Maybe they could become detectives one day. But in the mean time, they needed to figure out what to do about this "catnip theif".
Now, they were indeed pretty angry at this, and they could have growled and snarled at the cat for taking their catnip. But the truth was, these cats were really softies on the inside and couldn't bring themselves to get angry at the poor thing, nor could they blame him for taking the catnip, even though he really shouldn't have have they were still very upset. "It's okay", Sasha mewed, "you can come out, we aren't going to be mean to you".
Now it may sound a little funny for a cat who's catnip had just been stolen not to be the least bit angry, but Sasha had a feeling she knew why this cat had taken the  cat nip.
You see, growing up Sasha had been a stray. No one wanted her, and she didn't feel loved. She had to scrounge around for food and never had a warm place to sleep.
But then one day she found Sherlock's house and they became pals. It wasn't long before then that Mommy ( Sherlock, Ash and Traveler's adopted owner ) found Sasha and took her in.
She loved her, cared for her and then adopted her and gave Sasha a forever home.
So it was cats like this one that Sasha had a heart for, because she used to be one herself.
The cat slide out of the shadows and faced the kitties. He looked a little scared and wasn't sure what to do. "I'm sorry!" he mewed, "I know I shouldn't have taken your catnip but I just couldn't help myself--it looked so good and I just wanted a taste!"
"Are you a stray?" Ash asked, sympathy in her tone.
"Yes, I am" the cat mewed. "I've been a stray cat all my life. No one seems to want me".
The four kitties: Sherlock, Ash, Sasha and Traveler, looked at one another. They felt so bad for this poor guy, and knew he needed a home. "That's not true." Sherlock mewed. "It's not true that no one wants you. We do". With love in their gaze they ran up to the stray cat and gave him a big kitty hug.
"You're home now" they purred, "we'll take you in".
And with that, the kitties had finally solved the case of the missing catnip and turned it into  the stray cat who has a home.
"Thank you!" the cat purred, "thank you for being my friends."

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