Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Cat Club house

The kitties were really busy. And I mean really busy.
They had all day to get their club house ready and to be honest, they couldn't wait.
But there was a lot of work in store before they could get it together. Good thing they're cats!
They were very organized at this point, especially with Sherlock to supervise.
They decided that the club house would be a tree house, and luckily there was already one in the back yard. It was just a matter of fixing it up to look cozy and kitty.
That's where the work came in. No, I'm not talking about literal work, I'm talking about decorating!
All day the kitties were pawing back and forth collecting supplies, supplies and more supplies.
Sasha and Ash were busy cleaning the place up from top to bottom.
They swept until all the dust was gone, washed the windows until they shinned and then got to the decorating part. The wall was covered with kitty posters and paw prints from each cat.
There was a warm rug in the middle of the club house and two cat trees in each corner.
Plus, there was a snack area which Jellybean and Traveler took care of. Catnip, Meowmix, kitty treats and even some cat toys like a squeaky mouse.
Sherlock added some fresh catnip plants to give it that 'earthy feline look' and then it was perfected.
They stood back and admired their work.
It was purr-fect!
"Now time to invite all the neighborhood kitties for the grand opening". Sherlock meowed, "Let's pass out those invites!'

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