Sunday, July 1, 2012

The New House

It was all a bunch of feline fun and excitment when they discovered ( or rather moved in ) to the new house.
You see, Mommy decided it was time to move.
Yes, the kitties had lived in that house for, well, their whole life pretty much, but in the end, it needed some major repairs that just.. well... were impossible.
For one thing: the kitties defianatley needed a bigger room.
The solution: they move into a bigger and better house. And that's just what they did!
So, on Moving Day, everything was everywhere!
The celing was piled high with moving boxes of all different shapes and sizes ( the kitties had a super fun time jumping in and out of the boxes and playing in them! ;p ) which were being moved into the U-Haul, a big truck with huge wheels that took everything to the new house.
There was moving, moving, and moving of all the stuff and boxes, so the kitties thought it best to stay out of the way while everything was being loaded into the truck. Of course they still did sneak a peek or two to watch the progress. Finally, after nearly everything was out of the house, Mommy took the kitties into their cat cages ( I know that sounds scarey, but don't worry the cat 'cages' were very comfy, as inside it was lined with warm fuzzy kitty blankets and one or two of their favoirte cat toys ) and into the front seat of the truck. "This is so exciting!" mewed Traveler from his cat cage, "we're finally going to get a new, big house full of adventure!"
"I can't wait to get there" Ash purred, "it'll be something fun for sure!". And it was.
As soon as they got to the house, Mommy carefully picked up each of the cats and brought them to their brand new room "while I'm moving all of the boxes you kitties can stay here out of the way".
When the kitties got to their room, they were in for one BIG surprise!
It was HUGE! They had plenty of room to roll around and play around in. It was just too much to take in.
And the best part? "Mommy put all our stuff in here ahead of time for us!" mewed Traveler.
"Yeah, now my cat tree is here for me to take a nap in" Sherlock purred. "Take a nap? Wouldn't you rather be exploring this new place?" mewed Sasha. "Nah, it's pawsome alright, but you know me: it's never a bad time for a cat nap!" Sherlock purred, "G'nite".
Meanwhile, the other kitties were busy exploring their new room and they were in for a surprise.
Not only was all their stuff in there ( it was completly furnished: cat tree, cat beds, kitty clothes, cat food and water bowls and their MeowMix container ) but there were two big windows for them to look out of.
And if you know cats, you know how they love to look out windows.
They spent the rest of the day playing in their new room, exploring it, and looking out the window.
"Hey" Sasha mewed, "It lookes like mom is done bringing stuff in. Let's check out the rest of the house now!"
The kitties pawed down the stairs, even Sherlock who had waken up from his afternoon nap, and looked around at the new place.
It was much bigger than they thought!
There was a huge kitchen and two living areas, a cat playroom and den/T.V. room/ a big backyard and even a small garden! They were in love. "This is pawsome!" they meowed, "We'll have so much fun exploring our new big house and finding more adventures".
They were overjoyed!
"But first," mewed Sherlock, "Let's help Mom unpack all these boxes".
But instead of helping to unpack, Traveler had an even better idea: "Let's play hide-'n-go-seek in these empty big boxes over here!" They had the time of their life. It was a lot of fun!

Pretty soon, after they had played hide-'n-go-seek for the hundreth time, it was time to go to bed.
Mommy fed them each their MeowMix and some milk and then they pawed up the stairs into their room and jumped into their kitty beds. ( all except Sherlock who sleeps in his cat tree ).
They curled up next to each other and slowly fell alseep. Traveler yawned, " Good night, guys! I can't wait to wake up in the morning and have some more fun!" And they all purred

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