Sunday, July 1, 2012

Locked out of the House?

The kitties had one fun adventure!
They toured a forest, found a hidden paradise,  found a field of catnip, and even went fishing! They also saw their first firefly show and one firefly even landed right ontop of Traveler's nose.
But, despite all the fun they had, domestic cats will be domestic cats.
And they missed their meow mix.
"Ready to head home?" mewed Sherlock, "Mommy probably is worried sick about us!"
"I'll bet! She doesn't even know we left on this adventure!"
Keep in mind the kitties lived on a farm ( sort of ) with a forest out back and so this adventure all took place in their back yard. It's amazing what you can find when you go outside!
"Let's head on home, then" mewed the other three kitties, "besides, I'm getting hungry!" Traveler mewed.
The kitties pawed on home, first they said one last "goodbye" to the fish pound, then went over to the catnip field and packed some extra goodies for the road. They left the forest and found themselves on the path twords home.
"We're almost there!" mewed Traveler, "I can see just see the house!"
Sure enough, in no time at all, they were home. At last.
They pawed up to the porch and jumped onto the bench by the back door. Sherlock slide his paws onto the doorknob and pulled it tightly, but it wouldn't budge!
"We're locked out!" They mewed, frantically. "What do we do?"
They meowed and meowed, trying to get their mommie's attention.
You won't believe what they did next!

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