Sunday, July 1, 2012

Getting Stuff Packed and Ready

The kitties got down on some serious packing.
The grabbed a few boxes and packed away!
Sherlock packed his favorite mousie catnip toy, Sasha and Ash packed their kitty clothes ( you know, like those adorable kitty jackets you see at like Petsmart and stuff ) and then on to their CatFancy magazines.
(They had a whole year's subscription you know.)
At the end of the day, they were pooped!
"Wow! That was a whole lot of packing!" Sherlock mewed, "but I'm glad we got the job done fast!"
"Yeah, we sure did a good job!" Sasha meowed, "I'm hitting the sack and getting some rest".
The kitties had a full day of packing, and before long they were fast asleep.
When they woke up, Mommy ( their adoptive owner ) was home, and when she saw them she picked them up in her arms and wrapped them up in love "I missed you kitties soo much!" she said. "I didn't know where you were or if you were ever coming back! I'm soo happy you're home". They purred and Mommy gave them some Meow Mix ( their favorite) .

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