Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sasha meets Ash and Travler

  The fun, excitement and adventure Sherlock and Sasha experienced was incredible! They did so much pawsome stuff that it would take years to blog... but believe me they had a great time! But, on the other paw, at the end of the day they were in need of a serious cat nap and some beauty sleep.. pronto! So, although they hated leaving the fun behind Sherlock and Sasha were in agreement to come home and get some well deserved rest.. not to mention Travler and Ash were probably worried sick about them!

 With the day coming to a close ( picture this: beautiful sunset,of lilac and light pink colors, the breeze just right and everything peaceful and purrfect ) they set out to the door step. Originally, they had planned on heading home after their quick nap, but then Sherlock decided to get one last hunt before saying "good-bye" to the wilderness ( although he'd still be visiting the outside and making fun hunting  trips frequently ) . That took quite a while,considering that there weren't any birds in sight at the moment, but at last Sasha saved the day and they had a glorious feast! Pretty soon they got caught in the jamble of outdoor excitement and decided to play hide-and-seek in the long grass and then climb more trees and whatnot ( they had a lot of fun! ).  After all their adventure they headed home. The door was closed and they found themselves in a pickle!    
 "Well!" mewed Sasha "How are we getting in?"  
"The doors locked... we could try meowing and get the humans attention?" Sherlock meowed
"Yeah, but what if they think I'm some sort of a tough kitty and scare me off?"
"That's true," Sherlock responded after some time: "but we could always try...?"
"Hey look over there!" Sasha explained, gesturing with her tail "the window's open!"
Sure enough one of the windows, just within reach, were open. The cats could easily jump inside with no problems.
 When they got to the window, Sherlock jumped in first, followed by Sasha. Once they were inside, Sherlock sniffed about " I wonder where they are" he meowed.  Suddenly, Sasha tensed " what if they don't like me?" she mewed "what will I do  if they run me off? I can't be without you!"
"It'll be fine!" Sherlock assured her "they'll just love you!" I already do he added silently to himself. It was clear, from the beginning of their friendship that Sherlock and Sasha liked each other.

After a few more sniffs, they explored the cat room. In one corner was a cat tree, in the other cat food and water bowls, over there was the litter box and then in the center a small comfy cat bed, with Travler curled in sleeping. "Hey, is that Travler, the one you were telling me about?" 
"It sure is" replied Sherlock, "and look over there-- Ash in the cat tree".  Sure enough, Ash and Travler were snoozing in the cat room and took no notice of the two new comers. 
"I'll go wake them up" meowed Sherlock padding over to Travler. With one swift prod of his paw, Travler awoke with a start "Hey-- you woke me up!" He grumbled. Opening his eyes, he exclaimed "Sherlock! Where have you been? We missed you so much!"  "What's all the commotion about?" growled Ash, leaping off her cat tree. "and who in the world are you meowing  to, Travler? -- Sherlock!! Where have ya been?"
Quickly, Sherlock explained everything from the night he decided to "escape" and embark on a new adventure to the day he met Sasha, to is first hunt and countless other things.
" And here's Sasha right over there" he gestured with his tail to a dark gray tabby sitting on the window sill and looking expectantly " I brought her here to meet you guys!"
 "What are you doing up there, Sasha? Come down and meet us! We'd love to hear all about you and all the fun you and Sherlock had" meowed excited Travler. With that, she jumped down and was greeted warmly by her new pals. They sat on the cat tree and spent all night meowing and telling stories of their adventure filled days. When it got late, they all curled up and all  went to sleep.. together. "This was purr-fect, Sherlock" meowed Sasha "Your pals are wonderful!"
"Our pals" corrected Sherlock "We're family now!" With that he nuzzled Sasha on her head and went back to sleep, but before he did they, Sasha and Sherlock, jumped onto the window seal and gazed out into the indigo sky, sparkling with starlight.

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