Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The road home

The sky was a bright, bright blue with a few swirly pale clouds here and there. The sun shone bright on this happy day, casting its rays here and there and lighting up the morning. Sherlock and Sasha were busy out hunting, taking advantage of this bright day. They were hungry and ready to get their bellies full of good prey, although they could just go and meow to their humans for some meow mix, Sherlock was getting used to  juicy squirrels and plump birds, and didn't want to go back to the old dry cat food in a bag.
It had been nearly 3 weeks since he had met Sasha, and they were having such a good time! She taught him how to hunt, how to sneak up on an unspecting squirrel ( although that adventure had not gone too well ) and even how to climb a tree ( being an indoor cat he didn't have much experience ). But most importantly, she was teaching him what it meant to be a friend, and their bound was strong.

Sasha came back with a yummy bird and they feasted upon it eagerly. The day was so bright and beautiful and they enjoyed her hunt. After a few more  early morning expeditions they retired to relaxation and Sherlock showed Sasha his favorite sun bathing spot.
 As they soaked in the warm afternoon sun, Sherlock couldn't help but wonder what his pals Ash and Travler were doing, and if they missed him while he was gone ( although he hadn't left his own backyard ) but most importantly, he wondered if they would like to be introduced to the outside world, and how they would enjoy it. With a sigh, he fell into a long sleep and when he awoke, Sasha curled tightly in a fluffy ball next to him, he whispered in her ear " Sasha, I think its time I introduce you to my other pals inside. I think they'd really like you and enjoy the wilderness, you could even teach them a couple tricks and your best hunting skills. What do you think?"
 "I think that would be great! I've actually been meaning to ask you about them for a while now and I would love to meet them.. but would they like meeting me?"
 " Of course they would!" Sherlock meowed "They probably will be just fascinated with all the hunting and wilderness and excitement!" With that, he heaved up on his paws and together they made their way to the house to meet Ash and Travler.

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