Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How I love YOU: Restored!

Thanks a million to Jan at Jan's Funny Farm for saving our accidently deleted "How I Love You" Post and bringing it back to life! Thank you Jan, Thank you!

There are countless ways I show my human I love her, but here are a few I wanted to say

~Giving you your morning head bonk or nose tap so you're on your way for the day

~Jumping up on your lap with a comforting purr to give when you have had a tough day

~Reminding you to give me my daily dose of catnip (or else!)

~Having the first say (or meow) even in the middle of the night when everyone is trying to sleep

~Walking in front of you to guide your way on a busy day

~Being your cat and putting lots of smiles on your face

~Letting you scoop out my litter box with such grace

~Getting into things I'm 'not allowed' to, but getting away with it,too!

She won't mind I'm in her clean clothes basket!

~Reminding you that I run the house, but will follow (some) of the safety rules you give me because I love you (even if that means not jumping up on the 'fridge).

~Always leaving you 'wowed' by the things I do for you!

~Always greeting you in a friendly way and having a nice thing to say
You did not meet my daily catnip requirement. Considert this look your last warning
~Giving you the "Puss in Boots" eyes

~Snuggling up in your lap when you're reading a book so I have the full attention

~Sitting on top of your books so you can't read them

~Letting you give me kisses and giving you some too

~And even taking my pictures

~Always being here for you to give me my tummy rub

~Reminding you to give me lots of treats too

~Being the sweetest cat I can be, since my human happens to be you!


  1. I think it's gone forever. :-( I just googled it hoping to find it cached, but I only see bits and pieces in the descriptions.

    1. that's what we were hoping was that you could find it in a cache.

      Is this it?

  2. Wait! Wait! Wait! I see in on your menu bar!!! (far right)

  3. We hate it when that happens. Argghhh! Let's make dem walk de plank!

  4. We think its gone - such a shame it was a sweet and long post. It had to have taken a lot of time and thought. We looked to see if you posted it on The Tabby Cat Club, and its not online or in our reader.

  5. Oh dear !
    I wish I coud help. I purrs for you. Other kitties may know how to
    ((( hug ))))

  6. Oh, I'm sorries! I HATE when that happens. It was such a lovely post, too. XOXOXO

  7. Go back to your dashboard and click on "pages". You should see it there...

  8. Hey guys... We copied most of it to a new page so it's safe there. Thanks for all your sweet comments and helpfullness XOXO

  9. Yay for industrious humans as I got to see what a lovely, happy relationship you have together. And those things are command here as well purr.

  10. ....ahh, Sherlock! My human Tommy melted seeing you in the basket, furrin' up the clean clothes---made her think of a before kitty who did the same thing...and she thanks YOU for the memory!


    PS. Thanks for stoppin' by my blog!

  11. That was a great list Sherlock. I am sure Mommie wishes I would show her love better, but eh, whatever!


  12. How wonderful you were able to restore the post! Excellent news!

    We are so sad about poor Tamir. We've had 2 kitties develop kidney disease, and they did the right thing, even if it was so very painful. We are purring for all the loved ones left behind.

  13. This is a sweet post, Sweet Sherlock. I'm glad your friend got it back fur your.
    We are sad about Tamir leaving.
    xoxo kassey

  14. so glad you were able to save that!!


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